Monday, July 22, 2013

Will the video upload????

Last nights full moon was awesome. Took the Boy Dog on our walking loop last night. I let him pull me along and we covered some ground. A few times we were walking fast enough that my lower legs were burning and I had to tell him EASY BOY. My hips felt Gr8!! My feet and toes were open and solid!! No pain in my knees afterwards!! Because it was rather late, we didnt have to deal w/stray cats or traffic!!

The Tour's award light show was unreal. Did you watch it????? Amazing 4 Sure. I will catch a replay because the tech was worth it. Paris under a whole new light show.

Monday- Riding the bike 2 work- Walking the Boy Dog
Tuesday- Yard work here and Jeff's w/a Green Waste Run
WED- Swimming and Hospice
Thurs- A mile 4 time
Fri- Road Bike

Looks Good.... Happy Monday

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