Monday, April 6, 2015

Sunday In Dominguez Canyon

Shadow Boy In The Shadows…. Dug himself a nice cool hole…. Waited for us to finish up taking photos

Robert claims that the whole trip lasted 2 hrs and 20min…. A relaxing hike… My heart rate remand low… I focused on my gluts while "climbing"…. I also played with my cadence…. Shorter strides at times
Haven't been out to this rock in a few years…. Loads of evidence that vandals are mucking it up…. So much history here …. Rob/Den and I took some group photos on their camera….. Also, showed them a hidden spot of Rock Art that hasn't been destroyed YET????
 The bear claw …. Shadow Boys favorite as he is a Karelian Bear Dog
And down to the Deloris River for a soak…. Shadow was in and out all along this section…. He is such a happy damn dog…. Wakes up happy…. Happily eats…. And is always ready…

And Beat SMELL-A!!! Go Padres!!!

We Are Headed For T-Ride Today….. Catching The Final Game At A Local Water Hole…. Happy MONDAY Folks


  1. Happy Monday indeed! And always love a happy dog. My two are never as happy as when they are on a hike or swimming :)

    1. A Happy Dog Is A Sleeping Dog And A Sleeping Dog Is A Well Fed Dog And A Well Fed Has His Head On My Feet While I Write This.

  2. Happy Monday!! Thanks for the comment.
    Love that bear claw. Very cool!!

    1. Yes, the bear claw, way cool!! You might want to scroll down and watch the Shadow Boy loading up video. Its so worth the smile!!!