Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Harsh Reality and Richard Cheese Rocks The Casbah

Today was that day of sacrificing any reindeer games and tackled the task of chores. Winter freedom from yard work, picking bugs out of my teeth on bike rides, and unseen goat heads have come to an end.

Gr8 News…. The old weed wacker would cut out when I gave it gas. Just had this serviced last fall and the bill was only $20 with Carburetor Adjustment. So thanx to Youtube, I watch an simple 1:40 video and off to True Value I rode the commuter. With my little " wrench " I am tuning in the carb during the start of this video. Up and running and away I go until the last of the line flew out. Rerolled new line and away I went. The mower fired right up and I set the wheels high and went rather slow. Dropped the wheels down and cleaned up some of the clumps of grass.

Best News….. Did all the work WITHOUT bleeding!!! SCORE!!!

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