Wednesday, January 2, 2019

And 2018 Is A Wrap

I am thankful about the calendar year of 2018 is in the books and put to rest. I'm creating a righteous 2019 for myself and focusing on a number of personal aspects of/in my life. Pretty Damn Excited About That

2017, for a reference point, produced 295 hours 3,067.2 miles 39 personal records 439 activities recorded on Strava. A majority of those miles counted for cycling. I missed a thousand miles running by 11. And these numbers were a reflection from when I actually starting tracking numbers with an intention.

This Photo Is For THE HIGH RISER 


Hours - 463 but what does that really mean??
PR's - 140 plus all the new terrain
Activities - 558 stoked about that
Total Miles - 5702.5
August Posted 768 Miles with October taking the biggest hit
Elevation Gained 126,716 which is a shame as I call Colorado home
Biggest Ride 101.2 miles
Biggest Climb 2,529ft
Running/Hiking from Jan-Sept 340.3 miles
Biggest Climb 2,719ft

I am convinced that these numbers are just little ripples in the pond as there is a great big ocean out there to explore. I was invited in by a group from the UK to join their 10,000km club for 2019. Not only will I crush 6,000 cycling miles but I am determined to reach 10,000 miles by the end of 2019.

Christmas Bowling Party with Workmates - I Broke 100!!!


Started or sat in on a ROKbarre class. My first time so I have no true understanding yet. Basically, we contracted a muscle group until it began to shake from fatigue. This style has potential and I hope that it merries my schedule until the end of February.

The Inevitable Selfie 

Ortho helps people break the cycle of pain WITHOUT causing pain. Its Epic!! Ortho is very effective for recovery from surgery, injuries in general, and the always lingering stress. Ortho reduces muscle tension, increases flexibility and/or full range of motion, and improves overall circulation.

I will be distributing myself to those who have lost perspective regarding the brilliance of their own healing options from within. Its Going To Be A Fabulous Year

1) Keep It Simple Stupid
2) Deepen My Appreciation In General
3) Schedule An Ortho Demo at Crossroads Gym
4) Handcraft A Couple Of New House Warming Gifts

Way Back When, New Year Resolutions Were Important For Me To Build, Analyze, & Discover. Based on anecdotal evidence, other bloggers tell inspiring resolutions for this new year that lays in waiting. Such As: Mr Pitt , the brilliant GZ , the creative MacicEye , Colorado's Own Jill , Running Beth & JAX , helping my nutritional outlook with Momma Trail , Camera Eyes Romping & Perth , And the man that inspired me years ago 50 at 40.

Again, Looking Forward To 2019,

4th of July 2011 , 2012 , or  2013

P.S. If You're Still Reading, You Phuc-N Rock


  1. Of course I made it to the end.

    1. Well That Is Because YOU Rock My Brother

      Big Hugs

  2. I made it too! Love that last photo.

    558 activities? Wow - almost 2 per day!!!!

    I've decided to make my 2019 goals be more introspective. Like striving to see the good in people - even the people who can make me really angry.

    Onto a different topic - my experience is that riding in your part of Colorado is waaaay flatter than in the mountains. Tracking elevation gained is my favorite thing to track while I ride but it takes a hit whenever I visit your trails or Utah desert trails.

    Let's all have the upbeat attitude about 2019 that you have!

    1. You are correct and my activities were multiple per day from Jan - Sept. The Boy Dog would demand a morning walk, we would walk at night if he was up for, plus a commuter bike ride for me, and then before the triathlon, few entries per day.

      Been enjoying your puppy photos and wishes you all a very upbeat 2019!! Also, you trail cam is spectacular!! Love It!!
      Big Hugs

  3. Keep riding, keep striving and rock on! Bring it on 2019!

    1. And Keep Snapping Those Gorgeous Photos!!


  4. Yes! Onward. The goal is the path and the path is the goal.

    1. Brilliant As Always GZ!! Enjoying That Path These Days!!


  5. Awesome Picture! Excellent year! 2018 had it's ups and downs, you made it through and here's to an outstanding 2019! Jax is thrilled with his props, hopefully they won't go to his head. :) Hugs.

    1. Yes, made it through the year. Jay looks happy as all get out these days. Looking forward to more photogenic moments with him and the family.

      Big Happy Hugs Beth

  6. I like the sound of Ortho, must investigate to see if there are people who do this in Perth. I have an excellent physiotherapist is that anywhere similar Padre? Btw incase I haven't already wished you.. happy happy New Year, 2019 will be excellent ! ✨

  7. Physiotherapy seems similar yet a bit different than Ortho. My own philosophy is that what ever works for YOU, is the proper form of bodywork. Chiro, acupuncture, and Raki all have their place. Try Try And Try Again.
    Thanx For The Well Wishes!!

    Big Hugs Perth
    P.S. Here ( ) is what I found in your neck of the woods