Friday, December 28, 2018

Air Travel & Cycling

Holidays: They turned out A - OK. Went out for an early A$$ bike ride as my way of shaking off those Shadow Boy Blues. Christmas morning around here has that day after Armageddon appearance. No zombies out but the air was eerie still.

There is nothing like waking up before the rest of the world, heading out when its still dark, you can see nothing, its only a matter of time before the vail is lifted, and you are the only one there to soak up all its glory. Just Me And My Bike

White Christmas , On The Shady Side Away

Gym: Only three days this week as X-Mas fell on a Tuesday. So I actually backed off the weight amount but almost all sets counted off 15 controlled reps. I deliberately slowed down each ROM and focused more on the functional muscle group that the weight was targeting.

Wed - Chest/Legs
Thurs - Back/Bi
Fri - Shoulders/Tri/Legs

Relaxed and deep diaphragm breathing sessions with the foam roller before each workout. Been finding that this allows me to chit chat and dial up a proper playlist as well. In a round about way, rolling has been centering me. I Think

Next Generation Of Model Train Enthusiast 
Ortho: Othro-Bionomy offers such powerful moments and I can totally be blown away at times. Like when I think that "nothing" is responding and then WHAM. A Clients Breath, A Rebound, A Rotations, or A Release happens under my hands. Its Bitchin

We were raised in a society and taught that we can't not achieve gain without pain. That phrase does not apply in Ortho. Ortho works from a space of gentle positional releases. Ortho is a Principle Base practice and allows the body to heal from within.

Getting comfortable brings the body back to its natural being. The bodies organs decrease in stress and functions at optimum with oxygenated blood. This payarsymethic state allows the body to assess its own well being and then create options, shifts, or releases of built up drama or trauma.

Simple Example - A client says that their forearm is tight. I will over exaggerate that pattern of tightness WITHOUT PAIN until their nervous systems receives a message from the brain saying that we are too close, pushed together, or compacted and their system sends the corrective message. That message is, " We Need Space" the overly contracted ( tight ) muscles begin to relax and seek balance.  When that muscle relaxes, oxygenated blood returns and circulation happens.

Ortho works with arthritic joints, structurally, fluids, lymphatic system, injuries, surgeries, and soft tissue issues. Oh, and replacement parts, like you wouldn't believe. Ortho is Brilliant work

Iris Taking A Digger, Loki Knew It All Along

* If You Will, Take Note Of All The Cell Phones. Iris Was Attempting To Stand at 5 Months Old. I Snapped This Photo As She Was Chowing It Face First. Smart Kid, Naturally Pulled Off A Tuck & Roll.

Cycling: On Wednesday, legs felt good, I took off west, battling a headwind the whole way to Fruita. Mother Nature filled the sky with omnibus clouds and I figured it was the proper time to turn back. The tail wind aided my pace but I just couldn't out ride the front. The sky opened up and holy smokes did it ever pour down. Still amazed by how much RAIN fell this "winter".

Thursday was perfect. Noway anyone could complain about a thing. Clear, clean, and still. I rode south and spun out the legs in Whitewater. Swung on around the Gunnison River and checked out the gravel pits. Wish I had my nutrition dialed in because a trip to Gateway would have been ideal. So Cactus Park it was

Friday, I froze. Riding a bike at sunrise has its benefits but damn!! 20F ( -6c ) punched me to the core. But for me, I prefer the bike to sitting in a cold car. HA, my buns weren't frozen

Oh Baby
1) Hydrate And Throw Together An Asian Dish
2) Follow Through With Coach at KAFM
3) I only have 110.8 miles to reach 5,678.9 miles for the year
4) Stretches/Movement in the Morning with Intention
5) A Century Ride
6) Ring The Door Bell
Circa 2016
P.S. This touched me greatly. I made a bach of these ointments. Hailey Bird had hers hanging this year in their tree. Seriously, it stopped me in my tracks.


  1. Man! I feel invigorated just reading of your physical regimen! Great going!

    1. The Freedom And Joy On The Bike, Nothing Quite Like It

      Thanx 4 Checking In

    2. I feel that way walking our dogs. Freedom and Joy!

      Thanks for stopping by our blog.

  2. I, too, love being out on my bike before the rest of the world. On the day that we picked up our puppy, I started in the dark with a white out of snow around me. The snow stopped as it got light... it was gorgeous!

    1. Oh That Puppy!! Love That Cuddle Puddle From Your Wordless Wednesday Post.


  3. Replies
    1. Tell Me That Jax Had Extra Treats During These Holidays.

      Big Hugs Beth

  4. 'Pulled off a tuck and roll' too cute Padre, the description made me lol ☺ I can't even imagine what -6 feels like. You would laugh, a few nights ago we had a 10C night and it made the news as Perth's coldest summer night.. mind you it was pretty chilly 😀 Love the personalised Christmas tree ornaments, I can see why you were touched that they were still around ✨

    1. Glad you saw that, it was a pretty cute moment. Its Snowing Right Now!!!