Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Music Lovers & Cycling Updates

From The Art Center w/an iPhone4 - I Just Love Elephants 
Here ( ) is the link to my latest 1980's New Wave Show. This show flipping rocked the Casbah, that pun was for GZ. I topped out at 21 on-line listeners. My Twilight Zone show peaked at 14 on-line streamers. Maybe the time slot plays a role in this unsupported data.

This 80's program was powerful for sure and even slid into a tubular web. I mixed in some Red Hot Chili Peppers, Umpherys, Phil Collins remixes, and other non New Wave cuts. Threw out 5 trivia questions that were well received and almost too many phones calls. Basically, I had the time of my life for those 2 1/2 hours.

Next show will be on Thursday Dec 20th at 9am. Its mostly a Jazz show but will carry some influences of R&B, Funk, & A weeeeeeeee bit of Hip Hop. You could stream live HERE if you so choose to do so. Plus, I would be stoked!!

Last Weeks Meeting at the MAD House 

Absolutely fired up about my riding legs as of lately. The fast type II fibers are finally coming back around and my back hasn't bothered me for almost a month now. Hips are fluid and my awareness tends to remind my feet about FRM. I enjoy riding bikes.

Been spending a lot of time on the Colorado River Trail. That trail offers so much beauty. Left the office the other day and started riding west, just because I could. Its as if Mother Nature called on me and she presented a wild range of critters.

The Bald Eagle was tops!! Two sexy little fawns, dig the Canadian Geese, jumping trout, and not another rider insight. Its funny because thats the exact opposite on weekends.

From Dec 3rd through the 9th, 177.1 miles
From Dec 10th through the 16th 170.2 miles
Monday was Chest/Legs and then another 19.4 miles on the bike between the office, home, and KAFM.

My office totally rocks!!! Ortho-Bionomy is beyond me and despite me, Ortho works. What Is Ortho??

Ortho-Bionomy is a neurological AND structural based work that enables the body to self correct without pain OR force. HEALING FROM WITHIN. Ortho is an organic process, allowing the natural self-corrective reflexes that work within our nervous system to communicate with all aspects of the body.

Ortho includes working with the structure, lymph, fluids, neurology, organs, and the endocrine system. The work is based on comfort, allowing the body to relax ( parasympathetic ) into a new understanding of itself and often opening up neurological conversations that assist and speed up the process of healing.

I can talk about this Principle based work all day long so feel free to ask questions.

Crested Butte Summer of 2015 w/The Boy Dog
Surprisingly, I was invited to a Holiday party this weekend and I am a bit excited about it. Its a busy time for me and its what I needed. I will be attending an annual Solstice Party on Friday, Snowshoeing Saturday, And Gathering Up Some Folks For A Road Ride On Sunday. Will try and snap a few photos but cold temps are the kryptonite of this old iPhone4.

1) Remain Present, Listen, & Speak Out Accordingly
2) Hydrate A Little More
3) Teach My Myself A New Song
4) Possibly Start Shooting Time Lapse Videos Again
5) Pull Off A Century Ride
6) Maybe, Just Maybe, One Rep Max On The Bench
7) Solidify The Christmas Eve/Day Docket

Until The Next Entry, Stay Strong, Be Spontaneous, And Make The Most Of Of Free Time.



  1. Awesome post! You sound happy and upbeat! Love the pic of the Boy Dog the mischievous look in his eye is adorable.

    1. Shadow Boy Had Such Expressive Eyes. Thanx For Checking In And Hand Out Extra Treats For Jax Tonight.

      Big Hugs Beth

  2. You sound super upbeat and excited about life. I love riding my bike too - it's such a smooth and relaxing motion. And, it gives a great workout. You live in such a place place for riding. Keep on! I will too. :)

    1. Many Thanx - Finally Sorted Out Some Old Engrams - Socializing Works Wonders - Removing Toxic Folks Was Extremely Beneficial - Keep Riding & Be Well