Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Divisional Round in VEGAS

Woke up to a blanket of snow and flakes continued to drift throughout the morning. Not totally ideal for traveling but there is something about snow storms. Just can't get enough

Driving through Utah on the I-70 & I-15 is a breeze these days. The posted speed is 80mph/127kmh but someone always blows by me. I cruise on behind them and allow them to pick up the ticket for me. The Dude & I started our March Madness trips together in 2001 and that scenario plays out ever trip. BOTH WAYS

Need I Say More

We arrived in Vegas in just under 7 hours. Vegas offered up a beautiful blue sky but it wasn't all that warm.

Oh Baby 
Uncle Grubby now calls Las Vegas home and took us over to showcase his local watering hole. The place was overwhelming. Its a liquor store but has a tap area as well. You can literally buy a 6'r and drink it in the store as you meander around. Brilliant Marketing Idea!! Catch A Buzz And Make A Spontaneous Purchase

For Amber The Human 
The assortment was extensive and I obviously enjoyed walking around reading labels. The boys sat out on the patio chit chatting while I met up with locals and shot the sh*t. A number of times I had to stop myself and shake my head that this place is in Vegas. So Relaxing

The Fin Took A Few Selfies 
Del took this selfie and posted it to his CrackBook page. Because I dumped my account, a number of my friends blew up his account with likes and comments. He asked all night long," Who is..."  "So & So Just Responded With ..."  and he seemed pretty entertained by it. Too Funny

Uncle Grubby 
Uncle Grubby was totally on his game and was pleased to be hosting in his new place. He played tour guide, whipped up our first evening meal, he bought The Dude & I a new Crockpot so we didn't have to travel with ours, and provided us with whatever. True Hospitality

Year of the Pig
I always like to hit the Bellagio when I am in Vegas. Their creativity is masterful and carries this calming effect. They always have a water feature of some sort and accentuate an open concept that is so impressive.
Last Year was the Year of the Dog - Go Figure 
And for me, it actually was rather nice to NOT be in movie/YouTube creating mode. The evening was rewarding for me and simply being present was a treat. I used to overthink my videos angles, B-Roll shots, story board telling, and dissecting the purpose of the video. Not These Days

While our tribe strolled around a bit, I was quite happy to find a seat and people watch. Vegas truly is a world wide destination. I do wish I had an audio clip from all the different dialects I was hearing as they walked on by.

Unbelievable Floral Arrangement 
We pretty much laughed, reminisced, and drank the evening away. BUT.. pounding water between beverages was a smart move on my part. I wasn't going to pull a rookie maneuver and wake up feeling like Rat Sh*T on day number two.

Enjoying The Moment 
The above photo is one that I cherish. The Fin asked the cocktail waitress to take our photo. Uncle Grubby held on to her tray while we all posed for another CrackBook update. And take note, we had jackets on. The Fin clearly didn't need one but the air was chilly at night.

A Nip Or Two 
Night two was a bit of a Pendleton's night and we had an absolute blast living it up with an evening on Fremont Street. I really get a charge out of taking photos with people. Older gals would boldly walk right up and ask for a photo as were the younger crowd or overseas travelers would take a shy approach. The Dude & I were in a lot of photos this trip. Just like the motto reads - What Happens In Vegas Is Talked About All Year Long - HA

The King Lives
Elvis memorabilia in the Westgate was pretty sweet. Way old Marilyn photos hung on the casino walls, Elvis posters from past events, black & white Barbra Streisand photos lined the hallway, and that statue that is forever photographed. Elvis might have worn a feather boa for a CLICK or two.

A 1,000 Words 
We parked on the roof top garage and packed the ice chest full of brie, prosciutto, The Dude's hummus, micro greens from the greenhouse, wheat wraps, and maybe a brew or two. We caught the KC/Indy game and The Smell-A Rams/Cowgirls beat down inside the Westgate theater room.

Uncle Grubby's New Soccer Shirt 
We hung out at the Green Valley Resort & Spa on Sunday. The Bolts/Pats game was such a drag in the since that it was a blow out by the 2nd quarter. That casino finally came alive for the Saints/Birds battle. And what a game that was. Those dippy bird fans thought that they were on the road to the Super Bowl with a 14-0 lead after the first Quarter. But No. The Saints clipped those wings and pulled off the 20-14 victory. Take That Philly

Epic Three Pick Parlay 
My bets/predictions were so much clearer than during my typical March Madness waverings. Or my gut brain was on its game?!?!?! Only having the four games might also be the difference of clarity?? Plus, Vegas works on a mathematical base decision and they paid me to play. Example of both; The KC game was posted at 57 1/2 combined point total for the over/under bet. No brainer on two counts. #1 only one wild card game broke 40 points the previous weekend. #2 Its was snowing on game day in KC. Easy Bet, Easy Win Taking The Under

And Talk About Karma!!! The Dude & I walked on out to the pool and I see a piece of rubbish on the step in front of me. So without much thought, little did I know, I pick up the slip to drop in the trash, IT WAS AN $8.01 CASH OUT VOUCHER that someone accidentally dropped. The Dude & I just looked at each other

Motley Crew 

A boys reunion. All four of us are Sun Devil graduates and here we are a few decades later. Life Really Is Magical

Moab, UT

The drive home to Colorado was effortless. Sure, a bit hungover but an easy drive just the same. The Dude & I chatted a fair a bit about upcoming travels. He went through his seeds catalogs for this springs orders. I shuffled the iPod for this Thursdays radio show. Of coarse we solved a number of worldly problems. Before we knew it, back in the valley again with a few extra franklins.


  1. Would love to browse around that fabulous liquor store! ;)

  2. Sounds like you had fun! That packy sounds great! Year is off to a good start for you!!

    1. Rebooting All The Way - Extra Treats For Jax


  3. That sounds like it was a great relaxing fun time. There's nothing like old friends to help get life in perspective. The Dude and I are on the same page. I was just reading my seeds catalog for spring!

    1. The Sunroom Will Be Full Of Life - Did You Happen To Notice The Number Of Verities Of Egg Plants???? Crazy


  4. What a great time you had, and all fairly simple things to do.

  5. Gosh what a fabulous time you had Padre, those are some really good buddies you have there ☺ Will you do the trip this March?

    1. Hello Perth,
      This was a special trip and a great time catching up. The Dude & I are passing on March Madness this year because St Patties Day is on a Sunday. We were discussing the fact that we were on a 17 year stretch ( minus the year I was in school and the year of my residential ) on the way home. We both agreed that we don't feel as if we are missing out this year. We might make a run in February because The String Cheese Incident are making a three night run and we have accommodations now. Time Will Tell. Thanx ever so much for checking in and asking. You Are Something Else!!

      Big Hugs

  6. That scene in the first photo looks very much like what I see out my front window today. :-)

    1. Fingers Crossed In Hopes More Is On The Way