Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Happy Tuesday Folks. Yesterday was quite the bike ride. Good News: NO HEAD WIND!!! The odd news was that I saw nobody riding around town???? Way Odd. Maybe it was a time thing or an area thing but I felt like I was on the moon or something. GJ,CO only had a high of 24F so the side roads are still frozen and if a tree cast a shadow at all, 4get about it. Shady areas have at least 2 solid inches of ice covering that whole area. While riding my bike, I position myself firmly near the back of my saddle, stay true w/my handle bars, evenly pedal, & just ride w/the idea that if I slip & slide I will be able 2 recover w/ease. 
My quads felt strong, my ankles havent popped 4 some time now, & my cardiovascular system is coming around. FINALLY!! I covered a lot of ground 4 a Monday running my normal chores of paying bills, buying groceries, & thinking how nice it would have been 2 ride at night w/all the X-Mas lights around the valley.

2day I will be building my X-Mas gifts. Simple succulents, rocks on the bottom of a masonry jar, & soil. Super easy & cheap. Not that I am a cheap A$$ but the Boy Dog's bag of food is now $52 damn smackers!!! $36 when he was a puppy & $50+ some 8 years later. Well SH*T

I will be posting photos from my little project and here is a question 4 ya............

What would you do if you hit the big mega lotto??? What would you do if you had that winning ticket?? Feel free 2 comment on the top 3 things you would do if you won a BILLION dollars.

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