Monday, December 9, 2013

What Is Ortho Bionomy??? Could It Be 4 You??? Why Wonder

Shadow Boys Wet Nose Was A Little Chilly
High Temps 4 The Week
 Training was been on the back shelf during the month of December & I am sooooo OK w/that at this time. Interesting fact that stuck me last week is that I drove the car 5 times in a row. Way back in 2001 when I moved 2 GJ,CO I was working 4 NBC & I rode my bike a majority of the work week. Then, I started riding almost everyday just because my co-workers couldnt believe I was riding that far from home. Funny little TV people, right? While working in downtown until about 2005ish I refused 2 pay meter parking everyday 4 work. Who in the H E Double Hockey Sticks drives around 4 miles each way AND pays out $$$$ so that the car can sit & wait. NOT THIS GUY!!! Hardly ever dove 2 The Letterpress during my press operating days. Most employees didnt even think I had a car. My last job, driving trucks 4 a company based here in GJ, I never drove. I didnt drive because at O Dark Hundred it takes longer 2 scrape the windscreen & warm up the car as it took me 2 ride my bike. After driving all day 4 work, all I could think about was stretching out the legs after a long day of developing flat butt disease. So Again, I cant remember the last time I drove my car 5 days in a row. Awesome
Can We Eat Now

 I dont really call our "no excuse" loop training. Shadow Boy & I have come up w/a mile out, block up, & mile back that we do everyday. Hints: No Excuse Loop. The photo from above is from our morning walk & he is pretty sure that I havent feed him in a few days. Like he has ever missed a meal. And the photo below....... well..... should I say more????? GJ picked up another few inches of that beautiful white stuff during the night of SNL. So Sunday B4 I took the Boy Dog out I shoved off the driveway, the back steps, hot tub, picnic table, & both neighbors sidewalks. I do this because I really enjoy falling snow & fresh snow. 4 what ever reason the northern neighbor dropped off a collection of the Dead as a thank you. I will import them & happily return them. Classic. I say classic because I have shoveled out both neighbors 4 years & they really dont bother saying anything because I am one of those guys. Plus, my south neighbor has every tool possible & always gives me that nod when I ask PLEASEE PLEASEEEEE PRETTY PLEASEEEEEEEEE.

OK, The Stash From The Grateful Dead
And now 4 the answer.............. Ortho = Straight, Bio = Life Nature, Nomy = The Study Of Nature Laws....... Ortho-Bionomy was developed in the early 1970's by an Osteopath, Arthur Lincoln Pauls, D.O. He drew some of his understanding from Osteopathy, Martial Arts, & Homeopathy. I have been working w/Othro because its simple principles resonates w/me so well. I love this principle, MOVEMENT AWAY FROM PAIN. These principles totally relate & they are in no particular order, DOING LESS = MORE. Love that!!! Doing less to initiate the self-corrective reflex which allows the person 2 do more 4 themselves, "less is more". RIGHT RELATIONSHIP, EXAGGERATION OF THE PREFERRED POSTURE, HONORING WHAT ARISES, & NON-JUDGEMENT. I can remember that lost feeling when others were talking of these principles & I felt as if I had 2 study these & all those old engrams would resurface & on & on but now.......... The principles simply show up & they make so much sense 2 me. Awesome 4 Sure

During class last week: Partners came together w/the same pathologies but didnt even know until after the work was done, partners ( LIKE ME ) had no idea what was going on during the demo yet achieved success while working together, & we had such a wonderfully talented group 2 work with. Our days went by like the sun across the sky. Everyone was so responsive & because we believe in our instructor & we believe in Ortho-Bionomy, the work worked w/ease.

I am standing on an amazing milestone right now & I have no reserves about my next step. My hesitations have melted away & believing is my new leader.

Yes I Can & What Else Is Possible

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