Monday, March 28, 2016

Doing The Dance

 On Saturday at 1:20am, THIS little guy showed up. Poor little dude has a tough road ahead. My mind has swirled around and I almost didn't post anything.

Then, I felt compelled to share the Ortho story. I have been working with him everyday because my first touch with him was life changing.

He RECOGNIZED my hands from working on his mother. His little body came to LIFE when I rested my hand on his tiny little soul. Left hand on his chest and right hand on his head.

I was told on Sunday that he had YET to have a bowl movement. I began to work with his large/small intestine, liver, and sang the ABC's song over and over again.

He had his first DUMP that night!! This morning, when I arrived, HIM by himself, his heart beat was at 147 and dropped to 88 within about 4 minutes from the simple act of touch. I used the morning to work with his legs, hands, and sang twinkle twinkle little star with an ABC thrown in there a few more times.

His eyes are becoming like tractor beams, when he returns to life. I had a small patch of yellow in the center of my mostly blue shirt. Those baby blues followed that yellow patch intensely. That makes me feel good. REALLY GOOD

Shadow Boy Excavated A Last Seasons Carrot 
TRAINING: Felt surprisingly strong last week after a little vacation ( HERE ). Due to working back in the office, only able to workout Mon-Wed-Friday. Those were full body workouts. I dropped about 5-10 pounds off each exercise and slowly controlled each rep. The bench was just the bar and I lowered it to my chest as slow as I could possibly stall it. I performed controlled lunges between biceps and triceps. Great shock to the muscles in general.

Jumped right back to walking Shadow Boy twice a day and he hasn't missed a meal!!! Late night walks have been tempo based and staying focused on a quicker turn over. Noticing a slight burn up and down the peroneus longus and brevis. Hope thats only a sign from being used and nothing more. Morning walks are what they are. Legs have improved to were I am finally noticing it in the stride. Not by looks.

Easter Sunday I gave the commuter bike an overhaul. I actually felt bad for allowing the winter grind to stay on it as long as I had. Its quiet, fast, and a little more energy efficient. Speaking of efficiency, its so empowering to jump on the Midnight Racer after saddle time on that commuter.

CLIENTS: Scored a new client!! This client grabbed my card from the gym because his wife was having some back issues. We worked together for only about 25 minutes and she was stoked. She sat up and touched her feet right away. The only real work I did was releasing her psoas and lumbar points. I mention the 25 minutes because I felt present within myself. I knew where I was going and I knew what release was coming next. I felt like a damn champion but I am YEARS away from the title "good" let alone GREAT.

I was also able to help a client finish in the Top Ten at the Grand Traverse last weekend!!! That Kicks A$$!!! Marshall Thomson And Rob Krar took second. Thats a powerful duo.

GOALS: Stuff my own issues and work with that baby.
Add power to my riding and burn those damn legs and lungs!!
Hit the next spin class Wed and lift throughout the week.
Grout the master shower.
Fire up the mower.
Weed Eater for sure.
Ride Little Park Road.
Stretching and Core Releases.
Meet with John about the Rumble @ 18 Road.
And a person goal of one new client per week in April.

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