Monday, March 7, 2016

A Week of Headwinds


I had to stop driving my car for a while... the tires got dizzy.

Steven Wright  
This Is Beautiful 

I added this quote by Steven because my road wheels understood. I had a gr8 ride the other day. My watts were kinda low but I felt so strong. All of the spin classes, weight lifting, and nution has improved my overall well being. At any given moment, I powered up the quads and worked the cardiovascular system. I began to talk myself into continuing on to the town of Palisade Colorado and then turn around. Wish I had a VFeul but nooooo. I pulled over and searched out a Gu and a banana and thats when reality hit me like mom's fresh apple pie. The wind was coming from the west and aiding my whole ride. It wasn't me, it wasn't the gym time this winter, it was the damn wind. NOAA posted gust at 47 mph at 1pm!!! I was so bumped but so thankful I turned around when I did. The headwind back was brutal. Thats when I realized that nobody else was riding, couple of dust devils popping up, and absolute NO SIDE WIND. I powered home, bitched a majority of the way back, but I think its just what I needed. 
Art at the Auction Saturday Night at KAFM

There has been NO sleeping the past few days. A few naps BUT no sound sleep. Poor old man Grandpa Smokey sported a new growth around the holidays. That growth started to worry me in January while brushing him but he didn't care too much about it. By February, that growth had its own zip code. Doc at Footprints scheduled a day and the roller coaster started.
I was up by 4:44am for a 6am radio show, I took Shadow Boy because Grandpa couldn't eat before going under, and I made it to the Vet by 9:30am to witness the procedure. Doc is good about that and the surgery was fascinating for sure. The growth was bigger than Docs hand but it was mainly just fluid rather than mass. But the problem was found in Grandpas mouth. Doc found it when he was inserting the airway tube and I couldn't believe my eyes. Doc used the cauterizer and I blew all the blue smoke away while Doc worked his magic. Doc explained how surgeries would remove teeth, jar bone, and chemo when this is present. We agreed to pass because of his age and already being under anesthesia for as long as he has been already.

Head's Up, this is cute but the next photo is GRAPHIC!!!
Poor Old Grandpa Smokey was a train wreck. I knew he was sore but I never anticipated the restlessness he experienced. He is used to two walks a day and eating twice a day. He is a dog of routine and I stick with what works. Poor guy was up all night wearing that cone of shame and absolutely NO coordination. And he kept losing himself in the bathroom???? Normally never goes in there. He can't get turned around. Crazy weird. So Shadow Boy and I were awake ALL WEEKEND with these new turn of events. I am proud of my self for finding patience but even more proud of Shadow Boy finding his nurturing abilities. Shadow Boy really seemed concerned by Grandpa Smokey's behavior and probably smelled the pain, wound, or whatever dogs understand that we humans are oblivious too. 
So I really became torn here because Smokey has only been around for about 2 years now and might only be around for another 2. Maybe?!?!?! Smokey was a failed foster care program. He was basically left for dead and Roice Hurst Humane Society picked him up. His right back leg was weak and he only weighed in at 44 pounds. A black lap at 44 pounds???? He didn't sleep, severally confused, and completely miserable. I started performing Ortho, changed his diet to homemade like Shadow Boy, & talked to Grandpa to reinsure him ( 77 pounds now ) that all is well. I also explained how difficult this situation for me was because I DID NOT KNOW HIS NAME. I also fooled myself by telling him that I was NOT going to build a deep bond with him because I am only rehabilitating him for a proper adoption. Hints, the failed foster program. 
And now, I am faced with this.............

Grandpa was so happy to be home that he took a nap
     The white catheter comes out today, I have a radio show at 1pm, and the gym is calling my name. One foot in front of the other


  1. Awww! Poor old Grandpa.. I don't know Padre, it looks like it may be too late for that deep bond thing, sometimes that sort of thing creeps up on you :)

  2. Awww! Poor old Grandpa.. I don't know Padre, it looks like it may be too late for that deep bond thing, sometimes that sort of thing creeps up on you :)