Thursday, March 31, 2016


This time lapse was from my radio show........
Avery: Better news out of camp baby land. The Dude spoke with his first voice of excitement in 6,7 maybe 8 days now. He was allowed to be Grandpa and hold his GRANDSON!! Held the little guy up to the window so he could see the clouds out the window. Introduced him to the floor. Not by dropping him but SHOWED him another aspect of out vast world.

His eyes are tracking and he is an eaten sh*ttin' machine now. THATS GR8 NEWS!! I know when Shadow Boy is a little off because he doest eat with enthusiasm. He'll still eat, don't get me wrong.

Last word was that Avery gets to leave the hospital this Saturday. Thats Fantastic!!

Clients: Been focusing on lower legs lately. This is completely against Ortho-Bionomy Principals. Meaning, I am judging in a way but still working towards ease and allowing to honor what arises. Its just something I noticed within my practice the last few weeks.

My last client's session went extremely well. They are a performer on stage and generally stand a lot. So I found myself back to the ankles, malleolus, calcaneus, cuboid, and working with all those ligaments and attachments and the whole damn thing. Amazing results!!

They shared with me that they have had severe short pains when they "point" their toes. Its that after the fact syndrome. Happens all the time in Ortho. Massage- client tells you whats wrong from the get go. Ortho- " you know, that ( body part ) WAS bothering me the other day and right now it feels so light"

Super fun story that makes me happy is that I, in a round about sort of way, received a referral from a chiropractor. Can you believe that??? I'm pretty stoked about that. This client has a neck that is way jacked up and I almost went towards body metaphors but I stopped myself because it was out first session. I am already working with her nervous system and a ton of information was running throughout their body so I held off.

I did explain how I feel that Chiropractors, Acupuncturist, and other modalities DO work and totally have their place. She felt better, reading her body language, I mentioned to her that I think "part" of the issue is that her flight or fight responses might be why her Chiropractor had failed results. Meaning...... She Cant Relax, Be Claim, Be in a Parasympathetic State. How does one let go when one is guarded???

My Answer..... Easy..... Ortho-Bionomy

Training: Back in the gym and powering up. The one full week of all around weight lifting went much better than expected. Followed that up with a structured routine and lighter more reps exercises. The past few days have had the results of improvements. YES

Like today, read my chart wrong, used a 10 pound dumbbell for my one arm kick backs, 12 reps, felt strong, should have been the 7.5 pound weight. Didn't realize I blew it until after I was done but while I was using the heavier weight my mind was telling me I could power through 15 pounders. Shoulders today were nice and controlled. I felt stronger. Watched my body alinement closely.

I know my chest has gained huge strides and I am ALMOST at that point of one max rep. Back when I was 17, max rep was yesterdays news. But these days, I need healthy shoulders!! I use my chest and arms A LOT. 40 pound dumbbells are almost too light for my one arm rows. I like that full contraction feeling before lowering the weight back to the floor so I passed on adding another 5 pounds this week.

This might all sound weird but not hurting myself is the focus and becoming stronger is the goal. Call me a wussy but I am adding mass, losing weight, & noticing positive strides with my own silly little methods.

The super clean commuter bike rolled with ease today. Its way quite and I totally recommend cleaning your bike often with yearly tune ups. Unless your a bicycle collector and never ride, then pass on tune ups.

Got The Boy Dog out for about an hour before Mother Nature moved in. We hit the single track off Little Park Road and made some solid time. Again, the gym is paying off!!! We kept the pace at 11 min per mile and went for just over an hour. Shadow Boy didn't see that elusive bugs bunny but he did sniff out piles of sh*t. I need to carry more wag bags and pass on the pace because dog owners are giving him & I a real bad name.

Tomorrow is the first day of the month and a practical jokers dream. My intentions are fairly simple this month. Safety First at the Gym, Adding Some Saddle Time on both Mt and Road bikes, Prep the OM Garden, Finish the Touch Up Painting, Helping Avery Adjust to His New Surroundings, Finish Reading Know Peace Book, Focus on Calls for Volunteers for Mays Ironman, & Secure Headspace for the Rumble at 18 Road. These are all achievable.

Look at what showed up!!! More Information Coming Soon!! I Am Stoked!!!

Huge Thank You to Michael Hodges at VFuel!!!!

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  1. So happy to hear all is well with the little bub Padre, sounds like you have the magic touch! Your training is pretty full on, made me exhausted just reading about all the things you hope to achieve. In the meantime I'm still hobbling about on my knee, not sure what's going on there. Will get it checked out properly when I get back from Sydney.