Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Diggin' Physical Labor

How Much Can You Love A Dog??
 Maybe You Need A Profile Photo 2 Really Love His Personality!!
Oh Boy

Pt II of the front yard. Finally tying the 2 together.

I can see 2 nosies & 1 eye. My Supervisors 4 The Day!!!


Out here in GJ,Co, we have this program every Spring, were we load all kinds of crap out 2 the street. Its Called Spring Clean Up & Others Treasures. Trucks drive by all day & "recycle" unwanted items. Me, I used  this service 4 what it was intended 4. Getting rid of a water waster, GRASS!! Don't ya just love working out front & you receive a " What You Should Do " comments from your neighbors?? 2 Funny. I just smile & allow them 2 feel better about themselves. A neighbor came down the street & 2 congratulate me on removing & going xeriscape & gave me all the jusifcations way we ALL should be doing this & in the same breath, " Can I Have Some Of Your Grass 2 Fill In Some Holes That My Dog Had Dug?" Now, I learned from my last project, I walked down 2 her place, roughly measured the hole, walked back, cut out 3 pieces near that size, went back w/the wheelbarrow, dug out the hole 2 match, & scored out 4 the new section of grass. She thanked me the whole time & expanded how she wouldn't have done such a nice job. I began thinking 2 myself that she doesn't spend much time around adults because she talked the whole time. I am OK w/that, just another funny observation from the neighborhood.
 Around 2:30pm, my left palm began feeling some light pain. Took off my glove & what a drag, Mr BLISTER popped up. This is a drag 4 me because I have appointments 2day AND 2mar. In the past, I would have change my ergonomics & kept on working until I pulled something. Becoming wise is pretty cool. I was happy 2 clean up & head 4 the kitchen because I was hosting the Finals last night. Overall, flippin' awesome day!!! The Boy Dog got the shaft but he was OK w/me walking in the house & rubbing him down while pouring some cold H2o 4 myself.

More photos 2 come, More digging ahead, & More Dog Stories Coming Soon. Thanx 4 Stopping By My Blog & Remind Someone Why You Love Them.
And NOW We Run???

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