Monday, April 7, 2014

Awesome & Happy & Alive

Dig This Section. Both Rolling & Layout
 Shadow Boy & I had a fantastic trail run on Friday!! The happy grey clouds covered Mr Sun from cooking us & Mother Nature blew in a calming breeze. Sweet recipe 4 adding some miles & living outdoors.
Bring On The Bikes
 We started up Tabaguche Trail, hooked up w/High Noon Trail, & danced across Ravens Trail. I really like hiking up Tabaguche because I can feel my gluts burn, my feet placement ( I don't care 4 the STRIKE term ) finds its lineament, & my happy mind fools me that my cardiovascular systems is tip-top.

A Shot North At The Book Cliffs

 Oh, and more wild flowers are in bloom. The colors of the high desert are worth a trip out & about. These flowers are doing their best 2 attract bees & they are screaming pollenate me. And check out that cloud cover. Such a good day.
Shadow Boy Charges The Climb

 2 funny!! I didn't know this shot was in the mix. I remember looking at the GoPro 2 see if it was on 4 the next shot of the Boy Dog up on the High Noon Trail.

Didn't know these 2 shots were here as well. Shadow Boy runs 2 this spot every time because he believes its H2o time. This is a Gr8 spot 2 soak up the vistas. Wonderful shot 2wards the east & the northern book cliffs come alive from this advantage point. I wish you all could see the Book Cliffs during the sunset. There is so much depth 2 be seen from here.

 And he loves his recycled dog bowl!! Thanx again Chow Down. He is so good about scratching up a little area 4 his warm belly 2 lay in the cool soil while he has a drink & observes his surroundings. Just 2 the right of my knee is the trail. 2 mt bikers came by during this time & Shadow just watched. No biggie he thinks. 8 years ago, he would have followed the riders. He always came back, but it use 2 drive me nutzzzzzz because I never knew if he would come back, become lost, or find a new dog bowl 2 eat from. All that wounding I did 4 nothing. Thats Love A????
The Start Of Ravens Trail 4 Me

A Shot Looking East 2wards The Grand Mesa

And Back Down 2 The Parking Lot
 I am still on the biking everyday in April Challenge. I rode 2 the station 2 see my friend, rode both days 2 work, & still busting out the leg lifts, plank, & crushes as well. Its been a good month so far.
My Friend Serendipity
Early Tulips Blooming On Main St
 This shot ( above photo ) was from Sunday after work. The colors are splashing my ride home. Pinks from cherry trees are coming alive, yellows from little hedges are saying hello, & pink & reds are dotted everywhere now. Makes 4 a blurry ride home, AWESOME!! And the photo below is from Shadow Boy after our run Friday. He had a belly full of food, just had a wiz in the backyard, & knew it was Padres baseball it in Miami. I have a hard time explaining my love 4 this guy because he is my world. He wakes up happy, he eats w/enthusiasm, & becomes overwhelmed w/the notion 4 a car ride. He Simply Is
Shadow Boy Says," Leave A Message Please."

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