Friday, April 11, 2014

Kalinda's A Big 19 Today

Happy Friday Folks,

Thursday was a way busy day, which is good. I saw a client later in the day & what an awesome session. This work of Ortho-Bionomy is amazing!! The results blow my mind almost every time. I know that it might take a day or 2 to integrate into the body, but WoW when its WoW. What does that mean??? It means this; working on the clients knee cap, we both could feel a slow shift in the lower leg, a small soft pop in the ankle showed up, & Completely Pain Free!! How Cool Is That???

I ended up running a bit late 4 my 5:45 Western Slope Runners group. I jumped on the commuter bike w/the GoPro & headed 2wards the River Front Trail. The 1st time lapse was from under the train trusses while the runners came 2wards me. The 2nd time lapse was facing west & I totally dig the floaters drifting on down the Colorado River. The group of 4 gals that came by were genuinely happy 2 see me which totally touched my heart. That feeling you have when you feel you belong. That is wonderful. WSR has become something more than just a running group. Robin, 1 of the lady's, asked about The Boy Dog. Yes, I was running late, but it was also just a little 2 warm 4 him 2 be running a 5K. However, its so nice when someone asks a simple question that brings in an inner smile. Dig That!!!

Dedication 2 Cleaning Up The Colorado River
Anyway, still rocking the April challenges. I am enjoying the rides around town, easy pedaling, & views of spring.

WSR Starting/Finishing Location

Robin & The Ladies Finishing Their 10K 
Best Dog Ever!!!!
Here are some photos from around GJ,Co & even some of the local folks out on Main St.

Rode 2 the top of the downtown parking structure & snapped off a few of these shots. The above photo is from my bank. Some of the most coolest tellers work here. Thanx Rio Grande 4 smiling every time.
Looking South

Looking South SouthWest

West w/the National Monument Standing Strong

Looking North

You Can Just Make Out Mt Garfield

The Grand Mesa Covered In Snow

The Story Teller
Totally dig running into DJ Strangefellow on Main St. Took this photo while he was deep in speech regarding KAFM. I could feel what he was saying because I felt that same vibe about 5 years ago. The station has a funny cycle of life & I am on par as 2 how he feels these days about the station. I am way stoked that he hasn't quit KAFM!!! Last time I saw him in the station while he was doing his show he was quite bummed about a few things. I know a lot of KAFM folks read this blog so I am NOT going 2 speak 4 Ryan out of respect 2 him. Ryan & I met through Sundrop grocery in 2002 & I have nothing but love 4 this guy. He has grown as a man, a leader, & a father figure 2 his little girl Scout.
Toyota Safari
Stopped in on Hugh, Pinto, & Kelly. They have been on my mind & wanted 2 stop & say hello. They HAVE stopped supporting KAFM. I understand where they are coming from but I am still sad 2 walk in & here commercial radio in their show room & not down 2 roots KAFM. Kelly looked Gr8 & Pinto was a downward stretching dog. He is such a handsome sun-of-a-gun.

So later 2day, seeing another client, taking Shadow Boy out 2 the desert 4 a trail run, checking out downtown a little later 2nite, & making some plans 4 heading 2 the higher elevation. I am kinda blown away by how fast the week went. In a couple of days, this month will be half over!! Still, I have a few things 2 look 4ward 2. Like………... the MOG Sale on the 19th of April. Manufacturers of Outdoor Gear ( MOG ) is hosting their 11th Annual Event & its going 2 be a huge blow out 4 sure. I will be blogging more on that event next week. Until then, thanx so much 4 stopping by!!! Have a wonderful weekend & think of others. Cheers

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