Wednesday, April 16, 2014

04-16-2014 Happy Hump Day Or…….

……...Bring back in old saying from many moons ago……. You may call Wednesday Hump Day, but I am calling it," Bustin' my Hump Day."

Yes, Busted My Hump!!! My hands are a weeeee bit sore.

But I sure feel better about this little project. It totally coming together quite nicely.

 I hooked up the computer out front & haven't missed a KAFM Fund Drive Show yet. I shall pass on more ranting about the station at this time. I have the speakers facing the street & I enjoy doing my thing. Shadow Boy has accompanied me 2 the rock shop X3 trips 2day.

GOOD NEWS: 1/2 yard of river rock, 1/2 crushed granite, & 1/4 yard of Mountain Magic 4 the cactus. A Grand Total Of $32.46

SO FAR…...

Here is a shot from last years project. I soon hope 2 have that grass removed some day.

Missed the Western Slope Runners last Tuesday 4 a number of reasons. I could write you all the reasons, like clients & yard work, but I am not giving any excuses. I can say this because I miss trail running on Tuesday. If I was avoiding the group, then I would be giving a wide range of justifications.

Stay tune as I will be adding more 2 the yard, updating KAFM, & sunsets photos 2 come. Feel free 2 stream an interesting radio show this Thursday. My friend The Blue Z will be hosting his last radio show WITH kids. The Blue Z is retiring from teaching 2nd grade ( 32 years ) & has been bring his students down 2 the station 4 many years. They take turn reading stories from popular nursery tales. Basically, its the 2nd graders perspective of 3 little pigs, a witches brew, etc. The show is very entertaining & the kids do a gr8 job. So try & catch the show from 6:30pm-9pm Mt Time Zone on www dot kafmradio dot org…… Now, its time 2 close my little eyes, spoon w/the Boy Dog, & get ready 2 do it all again 2mar

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