Wednesday, June 18, 2014

RIP Mr Padre

May 9 1960 - June 16 2014

Troubling news out of San Diego….. A death that could have been avoided…… A passing that really bothered me & stirred up a butt load of emotions…… What IS emotion???? Well, the E, is energy……. So energy in motion….. Emotions that I allowed my mind to race with….. Baseball games that I attended….. Co-Workers during the time The Padres went to the World Series & were crushed by the damn SUCKIES……. I had a friend ( Mark Norris ) that lived in the same gated community as Tony in Poway….. What also totally bothered me was that I didn't receive ONE damn phone call….. My mom sent s text the next day ( Tuesday ) that read RIP TONY….. That was it…… My radio name came from the 20years of living in San Diego & watching Tony play more than a career on the field…. I hit up spring training in AZ just to watch greatness…. I have Tony's autograph on this ( above photo ) SI addition & its framed & hanging on my big brother's wall…. Tony looked right at me and said w/a smile, " You came all this way to ask me for this?"  …. I can understand that some do not believe we should praise athletes….. I get that….. Some ask how can I invest so much of my time into sports…… I can remember the day that Elvis died & how my dad was totally upset…… Many Padres have died & I usually remember something about them or give acknowledgment but this was MY PADRE….. Tony was the smile of The Padres, not just the face of The Padres….. He will ALWAYS be the best 5.5 hitter…… EVER!!!!

The week leading up to this tragic news, I was back in Ortho, half a year left of my 2 year practitioners training. The 1st 3 days had me in quite the downward spiral because the class was run ( Lack Of ) by a student trainer….. I am not necessarily upset about that….. What pissed me the phuc off was that she tried ( FAILED MISERABLY ) at improving the whole class agenda…. During the anatomy section she was using an iPad….. But she was learning the program ON MY DIME…. That pissed me off…… If the course was $50-$100 bucks, then fine….. But $675.oo of my hard earn  $$$ & that burned me up….. Our Wednesday study group was a waste of 4 hours covering shoulder points & rib 1 & 2 releases….. I did drop a comment to a fellow student that I trusted & her eyes were like " She didn't cover any of our questions now that you mention it "…… During Friday's lunch I spoke w/a group of wonderful ladies that gave me more behind the curtains….. So needless to say, I was pretty disappointed going into the weekend…… So what happens then??? I had an SI Joint flare up that damn near crippled me…… I couldn't stand on my right leg…… So whats that body metaphor about…… Thankfully I had a session on Tuesday ( per my obligation to the program ) and we working it out on the table…… Yes, it took all day for me to let that go…… Then, the news of Tony

If there is good news….. The good news about Tony was the training for the Lead King 25K wake up call….. I recall ed the schedule from my coach….. My coach Tim Long gave me a 5 week schedule when I asked for a week by week…. I was thinking that it would be a simple way of accountability….. Turns out…. He created the schedule and missed a full week of workouts…. Error on his part but worked out as it was exactly what a needed….. I walked during luck hours from school & rode my commuter bike to & from….. I stretched as well….. But didn't do any of the scheduled workouts…… So this week… I am back on par….. Love how that work itself out…… Yesterday w/the Boy Dog, we walked our 1 hour ( per schedule ) during the wind storm of 2014….. Here in Colorado we have wind every spring & fall as the pressure gradient forces are in motion up & down the globe….. It was windy all day w/recorded gust at 48 mph….. The wind didn't drop under 20mph until 10:30pm….. Holy Wind Batman

Today, I was up early & out the door for track work….. The schedule was a sub 14min mile walking for 3 miles…… I was feeling GR8 during the 1st few laps & all be damn if I was at a 14:07 for the 1st mile….. Something inside of me went south…. I couldn't believe I was that slow…. Sure, I was in lane #7, maybe I was sub 14 if I was in lane #1….. My next miles was crap…. Everything was negative….. I was mad at my mom, my friends, the running group not being on the same page, the race in Oct that is no longer, seeing Chris Brown from Brown's Cycle eating breakfast at Micky D's, & then the overweight lady brought me back….. She showed up & walked over to the stairs at Stoker Stadium…. No stretching or water, she started "doing" stairs, all in black spandex….. On my way by she had some sort of musical device that was playing over & over "Pump That A$$" ….. On my 3rd lap, she was done…… As she was walking IN FRONT OF ME, a "friend" showed up & asked," Are you done?" She says," I didn't eat breakfast. I am tired. I want to eat." and just shuffled off the track….. My 3rd mile rocked….. I did a smooth 11:24 mile walking & was totally centered….. I was checking on my hips, my posture, & blocked everything out….. In the moment, in the runner's high, fluid again……. The rest of my day is going to be awesome….. I shall carry that positive feeling through the rest of my day

What Wakes You Up From Negative Thoughts????

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