Friday, November 21, 2014

High Country

And it couldn't have gone any better, well, maybe a few things could have happened, but damn, life is wonderful out here in Colorado!!!

I am completely amazed by how time has jumped on a jet plane and flown on by. Can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving and a blink later it will be New Years Eve?!?!?!

I guess working 3 jobs will have this effect. My commuter bike has been seeing some real miles and my legs feel GR8!! I have noticed that the 22F early morning rides cause my shoulders to creep up around my neck but I am able to catch this early and correct it. This in fact, ripples on down my body!! My feet will relax, my ankles extend to a full range of motion, my knees relax and my quads kick in, my hips rotate much smoother, and then my diaphragm opens up as I lengthen my core as my shoulders drop. And boy did 47F feel warm riding home last night. Half way through my ride, that would be a stop by the drive-thru library drop off, I had to take off my jacket and winter gloves.

Shadow Boy & I have been back on the 2-a-day walks. We have an early morning walk ( mid 20's ) that is just over a mile. We then have the evening walk of 2 miles. Thats when all the wild stray cats are out and dogs in their backyards bark w/jealousy. These walks brought on the endurance for a 10,000+ft snowshoe hike. That post hole hiking. Its not the Boy Dogs favorite because he walks behind me. Every now and then, he takes the lead but struggles in the knee deep snow. He gives me that look while I pass him and then hops back in behind. I always reassure him w/kind words like " Good Boy " or " Best Boy " or " Thanx for hiking w/me Boy " as to keep him confident. The air was so clear and clean, nobody around for miles, fresh tracks, and we felt as if we could hike all the way to Denver. The longer we were out, the stronger both of us got. I think the highlight for the Boy Dog was when I opened up my bag of food and the Boy smelled my peanut butter banana sandwich. He sat & gave me the BEST DAY EVER look.

Training for the Silverton Marathon has begun!! I pulled out my training logs from the Lead King 25K and started reliving them days!!! They reminded me of were I was and also hinted to me that I should start some interval training at Stoker Stadium again. I always play w/high knees while walking the Boy Dog and I have been practicing sitting into my sit bones while walking as well. Its fun playing w/the speed and/or cadence. My legs are responding very well to the foam roller again and I can put pretty much all my weight on my IT Band as where they were so tender a few months ago. I find it really easy to stand and stretch during commercials on TV. Just feeling really good!!

And YES, still riding the commuter w/a helmet. Coming up on a month of riding everyday w/my helmet. The fear ( False Evidence Appearing Real ) is fading away. You know, NOW THAT I HAVE PROTECTION I WILL GET HIT. That feeling. Anyway, I got to get going!! Cyclecross Racing this weekend, working at the office, and BBQ'n on Sunday Night. I could care less about Sunday Nights Game but I love BBQ'n in the snow!!!  Thanx for stopping by!!!!

Stay Strong,


  1. 3 jobs and training? Damn man!

  2. GZ, its Gr8 being a responsible adult!!! And I knew everything when I 16 years old. Sure had a handle on the world. Thanx 4 Stopping By My Blog