Monday, November 10, 2014

Time Is Rolling, Wait, Flying On By

The video from above was created from photos I took, some web shots for radio shows & what nots, & the very last photo is Moo Moo ( RIP ) & Papa T ( 94 years old ) wedding shot. The music is from a live UM Live Show.

Some of the " things " from the past few weeks:

Started riding w/a helmet again. A client of mine is an ICU Nurse & expressed her concern for my safety after our last session. She told me how a hit-&-run didn't turn deadly but the brain injury the person suffered is life taking. Now, I have been riding bikes forever, BMX, Mt, Road, Tri, & even own a tandem bike, I always ride as if every driver is SH*T Faced Drunk AND Texting While Driving. But I totally understand accidents happen. My 1st few rides w/my helmet really screwed up my rhythm though. I rode slower & had a few not really close calls but thoughts about the "What If…" kinda stuff surfaced.

Speaking of the commute, kicked a$$ on miles again, 103 miles ( Mon - Sat ) as I didn't ride on Sunday. Still blows my mind!! If you had asked me about how far I ride during any given week, my answer would have been MAYBE 50 miles?!?!? But 100, UNREAL!!!

Shadow Boy - Yes, he is doing well. On Sunday morning, I woke up just as he was drifting off into space about a foot away from me. I wish I had a photo of his face when he felt me looking at him & woke back up. He rubbed his face under my pillow, pushed up against me, rolled on his back, stretched out his legs, back on his back again, & we just had our moment of awesomeness!! He is such a happy damn dog!!! And we have been walking our no excuse loop every morning ( 30F ) and 3 different times during the evening this past work week. 

A huge score was another new client!! Totally scored!! This new client will be having BOTH hips replaced in Feb. I started selling Ortho to her a few weeks ago & then offered a free 30min session to just "see" what OB is all about. Before she came into the office, I created a GOAL Schedule on an old calendar. How to walk in the pool, goals for Dec ( riding the bike at the gym ), goals for Jan ( Yoga and/or pilates), & 3 OB sessions for the month at a very fair rate of $150.oo. The free session completely blew her mind at how gentle I was & she felt as if I had done nothing. BUMPER STCKER IN THE OFFICE READS: Ortho- Bionomist Do NOTHING Better. She even asked, " Was that it?" That was on Wed & she came back early Saturday morning for our "1st" planed session for the month & told me how she hadn't been able to walk up the stairs of her home in years. She could only take a step, then step up w/feet together, and so on, Wed night she walked up her stairs " like a normal person " and grabbed her husband to show him. She called me & asked if we could get started THIS Saturday. Totally awesome for the both of us. Today I am meeting up w/them at the pool to discuss range of motion while in the pool. 

NLF: I won again this week!! I am still alive in the Last Man Standing!! Plus, I am on an 8 week win streak!! Who Knew?!?!?!

I had a very frustrating beginning of NOV because of the elections. Some people can really get under your skin, right?!?! I mailed in my ballot weeks before the election & became so sick of the whole thing by Nov 1st. "Get out and vote. Go Vote. Vote" Blah Blah Blah....
To vote, you should have to be capable of answering at least 5 of these 10 questions....I bet the majority of people leaving the ballots can't. These are non-partisan questions - just a basic understanding of how government works regardless of affiliations:
1. What is the difference between a debt and a deficit?
2. Who are your two current US Senators?
3. Who is your current US representative?
4. What type of government was the US founded upon?
5. Please explain the difference between a Constitutional Republic and a Democracy.
6. What is a bond and who is responsible for paying them and the interest on them?
7. Which branch of government controls the budget?
8. What are your personal current tax rates at the local, state and federal levels?
9. What is the difference between a tax credit and a tax deduction?
10. What is the difference between a right and a privilege?
If you can't answer at least 3 of these and you are out there pushing buttons, you are part of the problem.

Swim 3 times, Finish grouting all the vertical walls, Help another NEW client, Pay my deposit for the Residential in March 2015, Take the Boy Dog out to the desert, finish the rest of the winterizing before the arctic blast shows up, Buy a couple of Tony Furtado tix, & adding some miles up on the Midnight Racer. This Friday is another Cribbage Night at Renee's Place. I heard that we might have 3 new folks join the group. How super cool is that!?!?!?! We are growing. 

Last But Not Least…….. My high school buddy…. My one true childhood friend…. My college roommate…. My old co-worker….. Not only competed in the Half Ironman Lake Havasu last Saturday…. But Took 10th Place Overall….. HITs Triathlon posted results this morning….. Gr8 Race Tim!!! Love Yeah Bother!!!

Have a wonderful week, thanx for stopping by, & many thanx for your comments!!! Cheers


  1. Check That Out…. White Background??? The THIS WEEKS GOALS: are missing just before Swim 3…. Cribbage Night is In White….. And where did the black bars come from??? Can you watch the video???? Trip Out On That Layout

  2. You are a freaking monster! And YES YOU SHOULD WEAR A HELMET! I woiuld have yelled at you before this if I had known that you weren't wearing one. It may be cumbersome, but it is definitely worth it.

    And don't you love how dogs just complete life? :)

  3. Monster?!?!? Did you see my Zombie Post!?!?!? HHHEEEeeeeeee HHHHHeeeee And totally NOT being a smart A$$ here, just for the record, I always 100% of the time wear my helmet when I ride the Yeti or Midnight Racer. While riding my commuter bike, for only 20 miles a week, never rode w/a helmet. Now, I will make more of a conscious choice to wear it more as I near 120 miles for the week. Did you watch the video??? Are still in the push up challenge???? How is your husbands fitness coming along??? Any snow out your way??? Big Hugs Penguin