Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Quick Trip To Ouray Colorado And A 1:41 Time Lapse Video

Drove the oldies on down to Ouray for a little soak in the hot springs. The public pool is open and quite nice. The engineers did add more seating in the pool which is great.

The water temp is still rather low but suitable for our needs. The lower temperature allowed us to float around and socialize for a bit longer. I still built up a sweat and enjoyed watching the cumulus clouds rolling overhead. Stoked with the time lapse!!!

We poured into the parking lot were own turkey sandwiches waited and hot damn were they good. The Dude and K decided that they would hop back in the pool for one more round and I went ahead and opted out.

I drove the oldies up Red Mountain Pass and gave them an ear full from my driving days. I drove twice a week over Red Mountain for almost seven years. I pointed out all the web cams as well and hope they follow up when they arrive back home.

Next entry will be filled with numbers/goals as a near 3,000 miles on the bike for the year. Will add body measurements and might recall the ounces of really good beer over the Turkey Day Holiday that I consumed.

Stay Strong & Dance Like Nobody Is Watching,


  1. Turkey sandwiches and hot springs sounds pretty good Padre! Enjoyed the time lapse, clouds can be so darn mesmerising 😀 Enjoy your weekend, hugs for Boy Dog!

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