Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Junior College World Series Time

The Dude hooked me up with a free pass for this years ( 59th ) JUCO World Series and I was beyond stoked. I had a full schedule of clients in the office that week so coming and going to the stadium for free became a viable option. I had hoped to catch a game or maybe just the final clash until this pass landed in my hot little hands.

I wasn't compelled to invest any energy following a team or teams. I could just go and be. That was pretty damn cool!! I witnessed the long ball, OF making high school mistakes, and infielders snatching the ball off a line shot that should have resulted in an easy stand up double. 

 I enjoy sitting in the outfield & there is a rather convenient entry/exit next to the bleachers. I rode my bike right up the entrance, catch a few innings, & to the office I would go. You could say that I was into it. Then, rode back for a night game in progress.

The first, second, & third days had 4 games per day. JUCO is a double elimination so the championship game could be on Friday or Saturday. The losers bracket produced some amazingly emotional battles. The Monday of Memorial Day hosted a crazy long fireworks show that was at least 25 minutes long. Way Impressive!!
 And now for some sh*tty news.......
Here is my little garden that I have planted, manicured, & take care of in trade for my free membership. The Silver Sneakers group really appreciate my efforts. The manager was quite pleased with the weed management aspect & was over the top with my design. She thanks me all the time for all my efforts & smiles when she sees me sweeping AND NOT HOSING DOWN THE PLACE.

Me, The Dude, And FJ
 Ortho-Bionomy has changed my perspective in many ways. Despite me, Ortho works!! I have been working with a client now that had several neck surgeries & pops a lot of pills. I just listen while we work together & I do my best not to prejudge when we work. During our second session we had a major break through by releasing her 1st and 2nd rib. That release opened up her scalenes, SCM, and her mandible found its happy place!!

My expecting mothers practice has really taken off because those soon to be mothers tell everyone. Simple sacrum releases have profound results. And again, despite me, Ortho works.

I do have a client that I have ran into a few road blocks with. He had some bone spurs removed & hasn't healed all that well. He came from a referral & that client & I had a brilliant session with his knee & ankle relationship. The bone spur client has had some relief but I am still a little baffled & will see him again this Sunday.

Another client that I work with had a bike crash & supports about a half dollar size scab on his A$$ cheek. Ortho allows me to still release the hip without adding any pain to that acute injury. We always  address his diaphragm, organs, & shoulders in almost every session. We then go from there & allow him to dictate the session. We always socialize & he ALWAYS leaves feeling great!! Thats Awesome

Training has be a beast for sure. A funny scenario played out the other morning with the Boy Dog. We were clipping along at about an 11 min mile walking pace & an old "drunk" rode up behind us & was pretty winded. Took him about a full block to finally say," Damn, it was hard to catch that dog of yours." He went on to ask about the breed, how far we walk, & continued to reiterate how hard it was to catch up to us on that particular morning.

Lifting at the gym 5 to 6 days a week & adding more weight to my exercises. Mon - Chest/legs, Tues - Back/Bi, Wed - Shoulders/Tri, Thursday - Chest/legs, & Friday is a catch up from any weak or lame days, & Saturday has been arms only with legs thrown in if I am not road riding or mountain biking any time soon. Spin class Mon & Wed only.

Been adding up the miles on both the midnight racer & the 575. Just started swimming again now that attendance is low at the gym. Completely blown away by how the lats propel me along in the pool. My overall fitness has excelled & I finally feel like I notice the changes. I do add some more weights to a rep but it wasn't until I hit the pool that I could understand & wrap my mind around the quality of the time I have put in. Feeling Alive
 MAD Racing ( Mountain and Desert ) scored a sweet timing gig in Palisade last weekend. We timed the Grand Fondo & there were 5 tandem bikes this year. A total of 76 riders took off to tackle the 73 mile course. The racers were pleased with our quickly printed results & a number of them commented about how nice it was to NOT have to wait for the results online. They were also pleased with our professionalism & our cheering on. So Thats Cool

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