Sunday, June 26, 2016

New Monsoon in Dillon Colorado

Gorgous Amphitheater!!

The SF Boys Back Together

DC, Janet, Amber, Judd, Me, & Deb just like old times

This group spent many New Years & Halloweens together

Outdoors, Sunset, Friends = Serenity 

Next Generation 


  1. How were they? It's probably been a good eight years since I've seen them, and I was recently wondering if they were still together.

    1. They sounded Gr8 and ripped out some sweet covers by Little Feet, Talking Heads, & GD. Looks like they were just doing this show only BUT they may be doing more in my opinion because you could see the spark happen on stage. Marty ( drums ) has been playing with G Love & Special Sauce, Jeff ( guitar ) & Phil ( Keys ) have been playing with Kate Gaffney, Martin ( bass ) off to med school, & they have all been cross pollinating with Scott Law. I will keep you in the loop and see if Madison House has more in store.