Monday, June 13, 2016

Happy Monday & Feeling Fabulous

 Epic little weekend of Bluegrass in Palisade Colorado. Beyond Epic week day hike. Another week of working at Country Jam coming up this week.

 TRAINING: Super strong week at the gym. My last update, I recognized a rut. As I typed my routine I could see that I wasn't "blasting" my muscles. Doing the same thing and expecting different results???? Right???

Mon- Arms and then chest. Completely different workout when your arms are fatigued and I really had to focus while working my chest. Tues- Legs and then back. Basically keep the heart rate higher and used a bit heavier weight during the back exercise knowing I wasn't working my biceps this trip around.

Wed was an unscheduled road ride and I passed on the gym. I was simply spinning the legs out and not over powering the quads. Consumed all of my water and had a quick brew with the crew before riding home. Sweet little 53 mile ride for the day.

Thurs- Shoulders and very light weight leg workout. Fri- Full on beast mode with a chest and arm day again. My age plays a huge role these days. I controlled the weight throughout each movement and blasted the hell out of my arms. I felt all pumped up and super strong but by that night I just felt like I hadn't done much?!?!? So weird how age and testosterone brings such a quick shift.

CLIENTS: I have some of the best clients ever!! Last week was one of those weeks were EVERY client consciously overpaid. Thank You Ortho-Bionomy!!

I didn't see any new clients and I didn't really try any new releases. I focused on showing up present, meeting my clients at their model of the world, and noticed what I notice.

One client had slept "funny" on her hip and we started her session Prone ( face down ) and we began with simple shoulder releases. Worked with her spine and her pelvis almost adjusted on its own. Again, Thank You Ortho-Bionomy!!!

Few years back, grasshopper status, I was always nervous when it came to necks. Maybe an old engram from Chiro days. Now, I really enjoy working with necks and the results are amazing. Nothing like feeling a nervous system let go and with a soft focus noticing the body as a whole began healing from within.

This has come into play a lot and I have started a couple of sessions with the neck. I used to pre-judge thoughts that clients would be way too guarded to allow Ortho to work if I started with the neck. SO WRONG on my end. I have noticed that the throat chakra opens and the client begins to discharge out their mouth. They talk away while I release a few points with their neck and that opens up the rest of the body for change, releases, and/or balance.

And on that note, I have been exploring rib releases and diaphragm relationships. This opens up a communication line with their Vagus Nerve ( the longest nerve of the autonomic nervous system ) for better understanding of their organ and blood relationships. Again, Thank You Ortho-Bionomy!!
RADIO SHOW: My next show will be next Wed the 22nd of June. I am subbing in on the Uncle TJ Vinyl Archive Show. And Yes, I will be playing LP's and a number of hits from the 50's, 60's, and a few tasty treats from the 70's as well. Needless to say, I am sooooooo looking forward to hosting this show at 9pm mountain time.

www dot kafmradio dot org

Until the next time.... Stay Strong.... Think Of Others... And Stay Hydrated Folks



  1. Those bluebells are beautiful.

    1. Thanx Brother GZ. Colorado sure does offer up its beauty.