Monday, March 24, 2014

Awesome Time Being Lost

Little Water Would Be Nice
 The Boy Dog & I started out early 2 explore a trail by the name of More Fun. I totally missed the trail head that connects 2 More Fun. Shadow & I drove until we hit a 4x4 road & him & I agreed that we would stop there. We started off on a 45min climb, during this time, I knew I made a mistake in directions but damn that Boy Dog was happy about living life. Near the top of our 1st climb, I noticed this beautiful valley, the farm lands painted green, the sandstone in the washout areas, the depth of the richness in the juniper trees. We continued along the small ridge & up & over the rolling hills. Shadow & I struggled up the hills, meandered along the downhill, & slowly fell 4ward on the flat lands.
Smokey Distance

Cool Hand Shadow Boy

Looking West 2wards Utah AND NO SMOKE!!!

Love This Dog
We hit a little area where some kind of transmitter is located. The sign said DEAD END. Shadow & I hiked 1hr & 22min at this point. After a look around, some refreshing water, we started back. My legs felt Gr8!! In my mind, it was like a marathon run. I ran the trail very slowly & checked my posture often. I slowed when running uphill & walked when decending the trail. My feel felt strong & my hips were pain-free. So Nice!!! Shadow Boy would get a little ahead of me & find some shade. Then he would fly on by me. It was his interval training. Back 2 the car we went. Shadow & I crossed paths w/a horse & rider. Shadow looked at me like," What Kind Of Dog Was That & No You Cant Ride Me Like That!!"

My 1 little down fall was this, my left hammie locked up. Total Drag!! Just before I took these photos of the Boy Dog, I felt my left ham cramp ever so slightly. I didn't think much of it but by the time we got back 2 the house it felt like a golf ball was under my skin. It doesn't hurt when I use the foam roller but its just sitting there like a damn lump. Should be good 2 go by Wed….. WE HOPE

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  1. Love the story and photos of your hike with your dog. I used to hike all the time with my pup, but he's 12 years old now, and can no longer go very far. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.