Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunday Radio

Life Is Good, Life Is Gr8, & Life Has Wonderful Surprises Around Each Corner. In Other Words….. Shadow Boy & I Had A Really Relaxing & Enjoyable Weekend.

Saturday was a sweet trail run. I let The Boy Dog off his leash & I concentrated on relaxing my body while in motion. Totally felt strong & didn't need 2 walk much. The high desert soil was soft & workable. And we were not alone. 27 1/4 RD was packed w/ATVs, Motorbikes, Mt Bikes, A Sandrail, & Other Dog Walkers. The weather was awesome. Then, not long after walking throughout the door & feeding the dogs, my neighbor asked me if I wanted 2 play Pickle Ball. I never heard of it but what the hell. Super fun game & looks like tennis but on a smaller scale. By this point, the wind had kicked up, the temp picked up, & away we played. The games is a mix of tennis, badminton, & racquetball. Most of the strategy from tennis is thrown out the window. I stopped the whole idea of spinning the wiffle ball off my wooden paddle. The 1st game of 3 was me over thinking the game but I claimed victory. Game 2, I skunked the sh*t out of Todd, felt kinda bad. By Game 3, I would just hit the ball at him & he would blast it long or 4 feet 2 wide of the court. But Damn I Had Fun. I Can See Myself Playing A Lot More. Or at least motivating Todd because I don't have 40 bucks 2 burn on a set.

Sunday, I woke up w/the Boy Dog & I spooning & Old Smokey laying on the floor next 2 me. Maybe the wind scared them because Smokey always sleeps in the office by himself. Sure was a nice way 2 wake up. They were both stretching & yawning & all kinds of puppy like. You just know its going 2 be a grand of a day when the dogs are happy.

We spent the day working in the raised beds out back, flipping from F1 racing 2 Indy car, English Premier Soccer w/Everton winning AND Liverpool winning, & some NCAA MADNESS!!! Before I knew it, I had 2 cruise out the door. I was covering the radio show On The Trails. Super fun show 4 me. 3 hours of music that I wanted 2 hear, loads of phone calls, & CrackBook postings encouraging my behavior. Those hours flew on by as the time lapse shows. And yes I recorded the show if anyone wants a copy.

Last night the Boy Dog & I walked our no excuse loop. There wasn't a head wind, THERE WAS WIND!!! I checked noaa & 28mph w/ gust recorded at 52mph. I didn't see any fences down or tree limbs that had fallen but I will check on some neighbors in a bit. We have some old tall trees & I have some very old neighbors that don't get around as well but are always happy 2 tell me how 2 re-do projects 4 them. Funny Folks But Nice Folks.

Can U Believe 2mar Is April Fools???????


#1 I Pledged 2 ride my bike every day during the month of April. Thanx 2 the Bikes For People Challenge.

#2 Trail Run w/the Western Slope Runners on Tuesday & Saturday. Also, meet w/them on Thursday 4 a timed 5K & do some marketing.

#3 30 Day Planked Challenge!!! 30 Day Squat Challenge!!! And 50 Sit Ups & 3 X 10 Perfect Pushups!!!

My Motivation!! Love This Guy!!!


  1. Cute pup! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Good luck with your April ride challenge. That sounds like a fun one!

  2. Its a fun challenge 4 sure & you are so welcome. Peace