Saturday, March 8, 2014

March 8th Already????

He knew I was leaving

What a week!! Last Monday, I started another week of Ortho training. I woke up feeling alive & excited about the classes coming up. Walked the Boy Dog early, ate some steel cut rolled oats, & out the door w/all my paperwork, table, coffee, & a pen w/no ink.

We were all meeting at a new local as we have grown in size. Our new location is a little church downtown GJ & conveniently across from Enstorm Candies. Not a bad location w/windows on the west, east, & south sides. Which is nice!!! 28 folks showed up 4 the 1st day & I was a weeeeee bit apprehensive about a larger group. More distractions but maybe more bodies 4 me 2 observe. Then I hit my "OH PHUC" moment as the same student teacher from December was going 2 teach the class. I was so pissed because I felt like I wasted 5 hundred smackers & wish I hadn't signed up. But….. The optimistic side of me came into play like " She has more confidence" " She more in touch" " This can work" & how wrong I was. The advanced instructor piped in quite a few times & was looked upon almost after every comment was made. Thankfully 4 me our Mon/Tuesday classes were Isometric & Isotonic which basically is a review of Phase IV w/an Iso thrown in. Working w/the pelvis in a Phase IV or Phase V totally rocks & then the Isometric & follow on totally made sense 2 me. I was also kinda blown away by how many of the students came 2 me 4 clarification. I DO NOT HAVE A BIG EGO!!! Really!! This was a Gr8 way 4 me 2 re-engage & I was VERY humble about leading. Lucky 4 me, I was so on my game. I could see, I could read the body, I could read the practitioner, & I just knew what 2 say & how 2 say it. At one point, I was doing a piriformis release, Sheri comes by and says," Wow! The foot is way 2 high & you are putting a major load on the knee. Drop that foot." I must have given her a dirty flippin' look because she stepped back & as we both surveyed the room. The student teacher showed us totally wrong in the demo. Everyone on the tables had their knees at a 90 degree angle. Again, it took all I had 2 keep from blowing up. I took a second & apologized 2 my partner & re-worked the whole region w/complete success.

Wed was a study group & I wasn't all that thrilled about it because I felt like a dumb a$$ because I didn't know what 2 ask. We knew that we wouldn't be doing any on body work & we wouldn't be having an ethics class as that was back in Oct. ( Toot My Own Horn Again. I excelled in that class from my training 3 years prior & brought a lot 2 that class ) So our study group was going 2 be split up & I was stoked about it. Finally a smaller group, a line up w/some of the folks I really like, & back 2 our regular location. Rode my commuter bike down 2 the radio station 2 see Jake & Mariah before heading downtown. As I was riding past the church I saw Sheri & _______ & Sheri asked me if I was in her group. I said," You Bet!!" We waved & away I rode. Well, sense we had a small study group, the instructors decided 2 join the groups. Phuc N drag!!! However, I was wrong. The larger group brought in more ideas, more pathologies, & the 3hr meeting went flying on by.

Thur/Friday was our Phase VI off body energy work. And I was fired up about these 2 classes. Every session I start or finish w/a body flow, I believe in working w/the bodies meridian points, & I use energy on any acute injury. All be damn if I couldn't track SH*T!!! Sheri ( Teaching Solo & I Was Stoked ) gave a demo on releasing the psoas & game on. I went NOWHERE w/my partner. I just wasn't feeling nothing. Next, we did an ear & eye release & I wasn't tracking a damn thing. My partner said that it was in his sinuses, I would move, then his ear, I moved, then his neck, then I moved. Same w/the last gal I worked with. She told me that I was "in" her eyes when I thought I was "holding" her ears. By the end of the day I just felt defeated. During our closing circle, I gave a speech about how I just "SUCKED IT" 2day. Then, of coarse, all 3 of them said they felt "relief" and a "release" and I DIDT SUCK IT!!! Which makes me feel good BUTTTTTTTTTTT I was way swimming in my own head. Ortho-Bionomy works. I Get That. I just wasn't on my game. Friday started much better but Sheri had 2 leave because of a situation at home & our teacher instructor came back 2 help. Everyone but me said how thats OK & thanked the student teacher 4 stepping in. Now, I Get It, teaching is difficult. I should be able 2 cut her some slack. BUT DAMN IT 2 HELL, when you don't show up prepared….. IT SHOWS!!! When you are "winging it" IT SHOWS!!! Lunch was my highlight of the day. All week I would ride the commuter bike home, grab some dog time, & make a sandwich. So Friday I went 2 lunch w/the gals. We laughed & had a blast as a group. After lunch, the folks that had 2 travel home ( Wyoming, SLC, & Eastern Holy Smokes Oregon ) pretty much lost interest in the student teacher & packed out. Our closing circle ended w/8 of us. Total Bullsh%t. If I had paid $300.oo then I wouldn't be bitching about it BUT $700.oo is a huge chunk of change.

So 2day I volunteered as a coarse bike marshall 4 the Dreamcatcher Half Marathon. The racers rejuvenated me & I feel much better about my week. I passed on marketing because there were some runners that had that blank stair of what was I thinking????? Yes, its early in the season & the "real" runners totally stood out & looked way strong. I could have pushed some biz cards but I was there 2 volunteer & remind everyone 2 enjoy the day. And I am OK w/that.

I have a client 4 Ortho at 3pm so I gotta get going. Updating this blog helped me refocus & believe I am doing the right thing. I can move 4ward. Ortho works. I am awesome & so are you

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