Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3-11-14 Quick Update

Yesterday was so perfect. Bluebird Colorado!!! The sun feels so good. I headed out rather early on the commuter bike as I was on a mission. After that little failure, I didn't care. I got back on the bike and cruised along. I have no idea how far I rode but I was gone until 2pm. Thats close to 4 hours of riding on the commuter. There weather was awesome, my legs felt Gr8, & wind was at my back all day long.

My evening walk w/the Boy Dog was awesome!!! Again, the temps were sweeeeeet!!! Him & I clipped along at a quick pace. My posture was relaxed & my stride was comfortable. Didn't have the "balled" up feeling but I totally over dressed & who cares??? I was outside. The Boy Dog Was Stoked. All Is Well.

On 2 The Next Adventure…...

1 comment:

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