Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Everyone Else Had Some White Stuff

And The Highlights:
Early morning ride was quite sweet, relaxing, refreshing, & clearly I am a little in my own head. The Boy Dog and I had an evening stroll. Overall, Gr8 Day

The Ok's:
Working on a tile project, creating more work than needed, and back to True Value.

Time Lapse:
Set up the GoPro Sliver on 30 second, 11mp, and battery died after 3 hours-ish. During that time, worked some Ortho on a client. Talk about awesome.

The Ah Sh*t:
Doesn't look like San Diego is in the cards. And I have about 7hrs of music that I need 2 prioritize into 3hrs by Friday's Paradise Cafe.

Shadow Boy:
Has Yet 2 Miss A Meal!!!

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