Friday, March 28, 2014

Feeling Gr8

So Stoked!!

Yesterday was awesome!! Shadow Boy & I were going 2 be timed ( Thanx so much West Slope Runners Group ) again on a 5k. I learned so much from 2 weeks ago. I showed up early, stretched pretty well, & got the blood flowing. Folks started showing up near 5:30pm & before I knew, Mr Tim was saying," Lets Get After It." Something like that.

Now, a little dog & 2 gals were standing off 2 the side, another lady had her dog, I had the Boy Dog. Shadow Boy ran by the little dog because he was focus on the lead dog. I had 2 pull back a bit & call out 2 Shadow "EASY BOY" as I just can't run that fast. Shadow Boy finally relaxed & we had a good rhythm going. As we were running along, checking out the clouds, I saw Mr Tim shooting a quick video of THE WEST SLOPE RUNNERS. My question was this," How the hell did he get up here so damn fast?"

 Just before we went under the train trestle, I had 2 walk. It was time & I am so glad we did. Walking along the river trail is so peaceful. The river, ducks, wind, & oh the wind. Full on head wind which was kinda nice because I cooled me off a bit. Before I knew it Shadow Boy & I were running again. Really relaxed style of running. What does relaxed mean?? It means that I had some slack on his leash. He wasn't focused on other dogs & I felt better about my posture & speed.

We hit the turn around point & I felt as if we were much slower than 2 weeks ago. I even remember feeling OK about this because I just enjoy watching Shadow Boy do his thing in his own world. We off & on walked & ran until the last flat stretch of trail. We began the commitment of running until the end. I noticed that I was taking 4 steps per slab. My body ( Mostly Hips ) didn't feel good if I only hit 3 steps per slab. Shadow Boy & I were on the home corner I was feeling a 41- 45min run. 2 my complete surprise, I pulled out my phone & saw 36:50!!! Then, I felt on top of the world because Mr Tim called out the time & even he knew that we were 2 seconds faster than last time.

After I got Shadow Boy in the car & water was had by both of us…… We just looked at each other & smiled. The way a dog smiles & you know he is happy just being.

I talked w/Mr Tim inside Edgewater Brewery & he told me stories about 100 mile races. Do I see myself running 10 miles???? NOT YET. But 100 miles, oh sh*t no. I couldn't imagine running from GJ 2 Montrose & then turning around & running back. I say this because from my driveway 2 the  Montrose airport its 57 miles. People who run 50, 75, or 100 miles are awesome. They Are. I know that I am rocked after a century ride, but a run. WoW

2day I felt really loose & my ankles weren't sore. My left hammie felt good & walking all the dogs 2day was a OK. 2mar I am going 4 a trail run & hope Mother Nature treats us well. Happy Trails

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