Tuesday, March 18, 2014

 What A Gr8 Place!!!!
Backing up, my friends Hugh & Kelly allowed me 2 pet sit Pinto Bean not 2 long ago. In return, they gave me a 25 dollar gift card 2 CHOW DOWN.
So I went yesterday 4 the 1st time & was looking 4 a collapsible H2o bowl 4 the Boy Dog. I found open scoop bins of dog treats.
And I Scored Big Time!!! The employees were absolutely terrific!! They showed me all kinds of goodies & then went above the call of duty & hooked me up w/all kinds of dog food samples.
They treated me the way I wanted 2 be treated….. LIKE A PAYING CUSTOMER!!!
Here is the looooooooooot. And the water bowl is made from recycled bike tubes!!! Oh Doctor!!  www dot cycle dog dot com

So last night was close 2 armageddon because Mother Nature opened up her lungs. Our local NOAA site posted 58mph wind gust here in GJ,CO. Shadow Boy & I were up early w/a chain saw in hand, drill, & wood screws. Trees were down & little limbs were everywhere 4 sure. The neighbor down the street had her fence blown over & I know she has a dog. I underestimated the weight of that fence but got it back up. The old lady wanted 2 give me money, wanted 2 feed me, etc but I was on my way 2 the next stop. All morning I filled the truck w/tree debris & headed 4 the Green Waste Facility. Obviously the clean up was my way of given back. And Shadow Boy was stoked 2 eat his frozen bone & go along 4 the ride.

Now its time 2 start packing 4 Umphery's McGee at the Belly Up. ITS FINALLY HERE BABY!!! Oh Wait, Don't Tell The Boy Dog.


  1. I'm watching the UM show via youtube while drinking beer at home. Not nearly as cool as being there in person, but pretty sweet for Colorado Springs on a weeknight.

  2. Umphery's Tuesday night was pretty damn good. I only say that because Wed was unreal!!! They pulled off a reggae style mash-up of Breathe from Pink Floyd, they went dark, deep, & rockin' out an Encore. Also, check out the UM site as they are allow everyone 2 download their Sacramento show 4 free as it was their 1,000 show. Yes, FREE!!! Posting photos soon.