Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bike 2 Work Day

Early wake up call and away I went....... Self Portrait w/an Amber Mug

Still biking under 30min to the gym one way. A nice cool Colorado morning and the winds had yet to show themselves. AWESOME. Powered up Horizon Dr and felt much stronger than I have in past weeks. Oh, and what happened to June????
All Recycled & 100% Free
Playing Off
Some photos from my raised bed project and a photo of the Boy Dog making sure his is in the middle and NOT missing anything. Good Boy
Shadow Cam
Simple breakfast burritos, coffee, fruit, and OJ were offered as park of the Bike To Work. Saw a few faces from the past but mostly new riders and short term residents. Cool.

Then I punched the clock for my 4hr volunteer work trade at Crossroads Gym. Have iPod, Will Clean.

As you can see..... I am fighting a bit w/the Blog's Photo Options..... Still Learning..... Still Enjoying
Still On My Mind Little Girl
More happening tonight. The GV Bike Club is handing out "goodies" to everyone that filled out their little slips of paper at each event. I should have 6 chances of winning and most of the prizes are way cool. Backpacks, water this and thats, bike lights, bike locks, helmets, gloves, horns, and who knows WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE 

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