Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rolling Along

Monday wasnt tooooooo bad of a day. A few easy miles on the bike around town running errands. After a 3pm client, I headed for the gym. I was only about 4 miles from Crossroads, so it worked out alright. Dig it when plans work out like that!!!

The pool was rather busy for my taste. I am still a fan in the AM for a swim but I was there so why not. Nice long strokes and not worried about time or laps. Just swim and relax. Injury-Free

After dinner, I took the Boy Dog on a walk. He soooooo loves this. He damn near jumped out of his skin while I put my shoes on. The Boy helps me add up the distance. I let hm pull me and we cover so much ground. I have been playing w/my stride lately and havent come up w/any earth shattering changes. I find myself hunched over a lot and I almost have to say it out loud. Stand Up, lead w/your chest, look at your posture, etc

It really is coming together. One of the bank tellers asked me if I had changed something. "You look different." she says. This was only after 2 weeks of committed training. 18 more happy weeks

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