Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Friday

Another week in the books..... More miles on the bike...... Gr8 times w/the Boy Dog..... Had a really good swim yesterday.... We hit 101F on Thursday and that was our 1st 100+ day here in GJ,CO..... Way A$$ Cool that it wasnt 100F in May..... Had a James Bond Theme show this morning that went really well and loads of phone calls..... Next Friday I will be playing clips from the Shining.... Todays Goals: #1 Finish rebuilding Luke's bike #2 Bike Ride later in the day #3 walk the Boy Dog after dark #4 Catch Some Flippin Sleep #5 Maybe having a fire w/Jeff
Waiting 4 The Tour 2 Start

Have a wonderful weekend and I will update my training during the weekend. I have a big ride on Sat and looking for a long day of swimming Sunday. Might hit the high altitude Saturday evening w/the Boy Dog.

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