Friday, June 21, 2013

Not A Bad Day

Woke up really missing Sadie Girl and I could have just blown of the day BUT no. Threw on the shoes and headed for Home Depot. Picked up the supplies that I needed to fix the neighbors fence. Then I dropped the Boy Dog off at the house and went by the neighbors.

Now this dog at the neighbors is a Sadie Girl!!! Has the brown eye brows, the black coat w/brown legs, barks at cars, and me at first. Then, I wasnt ready for this, her name IS Sadie and she is 6 years old from the Roice Hurst humane Society!! UNREAL

Afterwards, lots of play time, tears, and some work, it was time to go. I didnt want any money. Really. She says, "Let me at least play for the material." I said,"OK." Handed her the receipt for $17.21 and she gave me a twenty plus a ten just because and as we parted ways she waved and said," Please do bring Shadow Boy by soon."

The rest of my afternoon was spent by trying to get Shadow outside w/me. He just lays on the floor and wont come out. Its killing me and I am beginning to understand the he was in competition w/Sadie Girl. Now that she isnt around, why bother is his look. This totally makes me cry. Weeks ago, if I was in the garden, Shadow was near me and Sadie Girl was under one of the shade trees. Now, I am simple on my own.

I finished building a raised garden bed out of all recycled material. I have laid down fabric, set up the raised bed, and have been holding the fabric down w/the river rock that was dredged up from the mighty Colorado River. Me, my bike, and the BoB trailer. Have BoB?? Will Carry. I will shoot a photo or two soon. Its coming together.

My last event, True Value. They so let me down for the 1st time. My weed eater would start but not run after about 2 seconds. The first small engine guy was all about the OLDER model and said that is better to just buy a new one compared to the fix it cost. What a DICKHEAD. So I paid $4.50 for a new fuel line and fuel filter. Now, she runs for about 10 seconds and then drowns out lacking gas. Back to the "other" True Value, only to find out that they are 1 MONTH OUT ON FIXING ANYTHING. Say What??? July 20th is when you will have a look???? As I am walking out these words spray from of his mouth," Its cheaper to buy this new one." I was sooooooo pissed.

Time to break out the allen wrenches. Determined to fix this, I took a photo of the weed eater, then took it apart. Once everything was apart on the picnic table..... I Sh*t myself!!!  What am I looking at?? What is What?? Now what?? Can I even put this thing back together?? Why didnt I just buy a new one before it goes on sale next week. Ready for this??? I reassembled the parts and on the very first pull..... I HAVE GAS!!! The Good Kind. Its Running!!! Its running like a champion!! Man and machine live another day. Where is that Boy Dog

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