Monday, January 11, 2016

Like All Americans

Hope you hiked, biked, or swam before the most incredible NFL Weekend of WILDcard games.

Saturday began with a stretching make shift yoga routine with the Boy Dog licking my face and sitting on my right hip as to let me know his agenda is WIDE OPEN and He Is Ready.

We then headed north and found some untracked snow and endless lines of slot canyons to play in.

The air was clean, the surroundings were peaceful, & The Boy Dog ran 4 miles to my one.

Sunday was an early morning start. Only to experience an OOPS right off the bat. The Boy Dog & I went to a new location. We were driving along and then crunch.

The car sank, do you know that feeling, in about 4ish inches of frozen snow and we weren't going anywhere. I let Shadow out and we went on our snowshoeing adventure. What else can you do?? We ran, we hiked, I talked, he searched for Bugs Bunny, & we made the best of it.
We returned to the time capsule of the car and I began digging it out by using my ice scraper. Oh Joy. After time went by, rocking it with my body weight, I was able to slide the floor mats under the driving wheels up front. Caught my breath and gave Shadow Boy words of encouragement that he will be able to eat soon. 

And out we drove, found hard frozen packed ice to park on, back for the floor mats we headed. I am pleased with myself for not losing my SH*T and keeping my composure. I was able to think, relax, & know that I am NOT going to die. Proud of that accomplishment!! 

And returned to the house near the end of the 3rd quarter of the Vikings game. Didn't miss much and saw the famous miss FG for the big L.

Saturdays games were awesome. Go KC and your 11 game streak!! Pitt will lose because them boys are beat up but what a crazy game. And how did Green Bay win???? Cant blame that one on RGIII.

Congrats KC, Steelers, Hawks, & Cheese Heads….. Will be waiting for Saturday/Sunday games.

Spin Class Today: 64min, 287 Cals Burned ( whatever ), 311 Max Watts, 26.3 miles, & Two Sore Sit Bones!!! 

Have A Gr8 Day Folks