Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Night B4 Tony Furtado

Spin Class:
63min - 407 cal ( whatever ) - 427 Max Watt - 24.7 miles - Focused on triple digit cadence

Chest Only as my weak little chicken legs were wobbly to say the least

Boy Dog:
Hasn't Missed A Meal & Accompanying Twice A Day On Our No Excuse Loop

Saw the posting of Lawrence Phillips commenting suicide and I truly believe that him and us are better off. I met him on two different occasions and he was nuts. His "doctor" was staying with us while he played with the 9ers and another time when he came to visit during the Holiday Bowl. I am always baffled when I read that he has just beat up another girlfriend and I think to myself, " Why Would You Go OUT With This Nut Case???" Anyway, took me back but not as far back as David Bowie's new journey.

Stay Strong

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