Thursday, July 31, 2014

Last Day Of July And A Massive Time Lapse

Hello All,
I set up the GoPro 3 Silver at 10sec, 5 MP, and captured about 3+ hrs everyday during July. Here in GJ,CO we usually have a Monsoonal flow and Mother Nature is pretty brilliant at providing a lightning bolt or two w/some heavy rain at times.

A few of the set backs: While playing w/some instrument music in Soundbooth Adobe and matching up transitions, the program UNEXPECTEDLY quit, that so sucked. Loading up the video on CrackBook and receiving a message that the music had copy write issues, say what?? And lastly, how much time did I waste???

I love this guy!! He had been my #1 supporter, my #1 inspirational motivator, & #1 spooner. Thats right, he spoons at night w/me and sometimes he takes the time to only lift his head and flashes that look of " Dude, how about a few more inches of space here." And back to sleep he falls. Cracks Me Up He Does. And he has every right because we have been adding some serious trail miles. Now, don't get me wrong, I love riding my Yeti 575. Few experiences compare to slicing through a grove of shade trees fully immersed in Jedi like delusions or navigating a rock garden while asking yourself if dismounting might be the better option. Now that I haven't been riding this year, it occurred to me that what I have been really missing this that time when I am not riding at all. Thats right, the time when I find that sweet trailstop where the views are unreal. Thanx Colorado. The moment when my cardiovascular system finds itself & I realize that my lungs haven't found their way through my mouth. And when riding w/others, that rest stop to share each others moments of how ones elbow is flowing red or how awesome that 2 inches of air felt like a bunny hop over a VW when relived. Sharing adventures, sipping out of the camel pack, or that ever elusive prize photo from over the buff of a meandering Colorado River. Those are the moments I have been missing.

Little Lake Geneva at 10,121ft…. A Slice Of The Lead King Area
Shadow Boy & I have been focusing on trail running this season as my event is just over two months away. We have been doing our best to escape w/o any incident. Such As: Scanning a few steps ahead as to anticipate changes in the terrain, playing w/a shorter stride so that my weight is centered under my happy feet, and walking sections that are painted w/tree roots and hidden rocks that beg to grab an ankle. We have been choosing trails that are very well maintained and pretty dam well marked. Some may ask why I haven't taken a big risk, adventure, or out of the box and that leaves me w/a simple answer," I am training for the Lead King 25k." This fall or next Spring is when I will allow the time for the Boy Dog & I to explore, navigate, & truly just get lost.

Goals For Aug: 
     First Goal should take place this Saturday. Shadow & I are climbing Mt Garfield located near Palisade Colorado. Its something 1,500ft of scrambling in about 2 miles. Lung Burner!!!
     Second Goal has been happening sense my Grand Mesa trail run. Stretching when I think about it. I am talking about slow & steady. Not A Work Out Stretch.
     Third Goal is August 23rd!! I signed up for the Search & Rescue 8 mile trail run along the Kokopelli Trail. They offer a 16 & 8 mile race and all the proceeds go towards Search & Rescue. My goal for that event is to simple enjoy the views, thanx volunteers, & finish w/a smile.
     Last BUT Not Least, August Is The Boy Dog's Birthday Month!!!!! Need I Say More

What are your August Goals??? How Offend Do You Stretch??? Any Advice For Preparing To Run a 25K??? Big Hugs

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  1. Those are some awesome goals! And happy early birthday to the pup!