Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 27th

The Boy Dog coming around me to lead the charge once again, Love This Dog!!! We were on an easy day of a 4 mile loop around Lake Barron and connecting to Lake Alexander. Our pace was up but still comfortable. I really paid attention to my posture and keep my good eye on the trail for rocks, roots, and the Boy Dog.

This photo of the pines is really for my mother. We had just had that talk about my childhood when we could hear the dancing wind through the needles of the pines in the Serra Mountains. That is a sound like no other.

One of my favorite photos of Shadow Boy because of the ears, pack, tail, and the surroundings. He wakes up happy and we play those hand under the cover games but you can just tell that he is in his element in this photo. Maybe its just me but I really think he is thrilled. My Best Friend

Our trail run was exceptional this day. My pace was just under 10min mile and I felt Gr8. The legs were loose, my hips had fluid movement to them, the shoulders were relaxed, and I was laboring due to lack of air because we started off at 9,983ft in elevation. And Yes, Shadow is still leading the way and NOT SLOWING by any means.

Check Him Out…… Can You Say Handsome…… Can You Say Happy…… Can You Say WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE…… A sweet spot for a rest, stretch, and sucking down some H2o

This cracked me up. Running along and experiencing the world as if no other life form excited we came across this. Its a beautiful spot w/a small sandy beach and rocking views. I looked around for a monumental description or the " In Honor Of" but nothing. Just me, The Boy Dog, & A Wooden Cross. Its gotta be a Gr8 Day.

Love this guy!! He is just given me that look of BEST DAY EVER!!!! I told him that we were near the 1/2 way point and he has the look of we could keep going all day long. He has the mind set of an endless summer kind of dog. Thats a surf reference by the way. Can you believe the shear beautiful of the Mother Earth?????

The Boy Dog threw himself into a higher gear and kicked my A$$ until the end. We pushed on at a sub 9min mile pace and had this whole section all to our selves. This is living!! This is living the dream!!! This is how its done. Just after this photo, in my mind, a lot of old friends popped in and out. In just a short stretch of this single track, I relived some of my youth, the wonderful times of my youth. Childhood friends like Larry Winters because we used to pretend that we were NFL current plays. Me, always Dan Fouts as QB, Earl Cambell as a RB, & Billy "White Shoes" Johnson as a WR. I thought about climbing Black Mt w/my 4th Grade Classmates and everyday soccer games at Sunset Hills Elementary. Images of Feather Ridge dwellers like Dennis Dini, Brian Hunt, & James Robertson. And oh the countless hours of BXM biking around PQ and out to Torrey Pines State Beach via the old dirt road through Evergreen Nursery. Clear visions of Los Penasquitos Canyon water falls and massive black diamond head rattlesnake ride w/Tim Conerty And Larry Pearson. What a tale that was and feel free to ask about that story.
Downtown Ouray Colorado
Jeff & I waiting for everyone
My Birthday week was filled w/incredible food, visiting w/friends & family, and soaking in the hot spring which I will continue that trend.

Crazy Ouray Locals Yard Sale

L-R: My Brother Bryan, Karen, Jeff aka The Blue Zucchini, Hailey and Kalinda my nieces, & my Madre

A photo from across the street of the Ouray Brewery w/roof top seating. I didn't go in as I am still on the wagon until the Lead King 25k. Speaking of the Lead King training, my training is going much better during this month of July. As you may remember, June was a bad mental month for me. This week looks like a few easy hour plus training runs, a timed 5 mile at Stoker Stadium, two needed rest days, an hour easy pace Saturday and a double digit trail run Sunday. I am super stoked ending another month and totally welcoming Aug 2014.

How Was Your July????  What Might Be Your August Goals???? Think Of Others


  1. OMG, I love your pup! He's freaking adorable! One of my favorite actvities is going out hiking with my monsters. It's fun finding others that use packs as well. I get so many strange looks when they see that my pups have packs on!

    Glad that you found my blog so I could find yours as well :)

    1. Shadow Boy Is Adorable For Sure & He Says He Prefers Handsome. His backpack is for empty & used poop bags. And this trip he carried my rain gear as we were near tree line & Monsoon Season. Thanx for stopping by my blog & look forward to reading your updates as well. Cheers Penguin