Friday, July 11, 2014

7/11 Baby

I miss the San Diego lifestyle on this day. WHY you ask???? Because of the free slurpee day!!! As you know, I haven't eaten fast-food in like forever, I pass on soda, & I would so splurge and enjoy some sugar today. In Slurpee Form.

Today is day 2 of vertical spine class and day 1 was awesome. We learned how to 1st, explain Ortho-Bionomy and 2nd work on someone w/o a table. The instructor is from New York and is a huge believer that gravity is your friend. And he is brainwashing me into believing!!! I am stoked.

I will update more on Sunday. I will add up my milage from the week, rest of the classroom knowledge, & trail runs w/the Boy Dog. Until then, Live Life & Stay Strong.

Alex Grey

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