Monday, July 28, 2014

Quick Time Lapse

Click On HD and Go Full Screen…….. The Music Is From Jerry…… The Video Was From The Cabin On The Grand Mesa…… Life Is Good….. I Will Be Stretching While This Is Uploading

I worked my tile job at Foot Prints Animal Hospital today. Doc asked me if I would do the math and come up w/a number of how much material we still need. The reason I bring this up is because I have been telling folks that I don't think I am even halfway done w/this job. I have 3 full kennels at 84 tile per, I have 4 walls at about 77 tiles per wall, & I have 4 kennels that the "other" guy started before walking out. Totally stoked w/these number because I didn't realize how close I am to finishing up and starting all the floor tile, which I hope are larger tile.

Tomorrow is more of the same and I timed 5 mile run at Stoker Stadium per schedule. Just might make that an AM run and then head to Foot Prints. What does your day have in store?? Do you have some numbers from July yet??? Tell me just one thing that made you really happy during the month of July.


  1. One thing that made me really happy in July? Finally getting my bike and absolutely falling in love with it! I even got the guts to join a group ride or two!

  2. Penguin, free your mind & your bike will follow. I am so proud of you!! What kind of bike ( mt , road , townie, etc ) did you pick up?? How does it feel?? What options do you have for group riding?? Cheers