Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy July 1st My Friends

I am pleased w/how the month of June FLEW on by……. I picked up a sweet job of tile work….. Added more miles to my training schedule…. A few radio shows…. Kick A$$ Thursday Farmer's Market job for the season…. Some awesome bodywork sessions…. 4 new clients…. Finished 2 really enjoyable books…. A new bed that the Boy Dog loves and spoons every morning w/me…… Scored a CPR Card for FREE…. Thanx Crossroads Gym…. Added more miles on the commuter bike….. Much better about updating my blog and much better writing and write ups….. And some spectacular World Cup action

I am looking at adding more miles AND tracking those miles. I have only been tracking the times this far.
Adding a SH&T loads of hours on the road bike. I say this because I will be riding the indoor trainer during each day of the Tour de France.
Stretching and performing the sunrise serenade every morning while the coffee brews.
I have 2 sweet opportunities to run Crag Crest trail.
Take the Boy Dog on Turkey Flats Loop.
Catch a GJ Rockies Rookie League game.
Finish the tile job at Footprints Animal Hospital.
Add swimming into my schedule
Find another 4 new clients.
Make up lentil dishes and homemade "power" bars
Enjoy myself during the up coming Ortho-Bionomy classes the 10th, 11th, & 12th.
Simply be present while my mom is in town.
Catch the All-Star Game.
Finish my current book, Cycling Misadventures, start another and maybe another before the end of the month.
Talk w/Mr Jim on the phone.
I almost forgot that I will be having a 43rd this month.
Last but not least……. Hopefully watch the American Men outplay Belgium…. We Shall See

Do you have goals for the month???? Are you traveling this month??? Do you have a recipe you wanna share??? Thanx so much for stopping by my blog. Smile On

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