Monday, May 4, 2015

MAD Racing Weekend In Fruita Colorado

Radio Show: Completely Fired Up About This Tuesday's Divided Sky!!! I have been previewing music over the past few days and I am about down to 5 hours of music for a 3 HOUR TIME SLOT. Last Tuesday, subbing in, I couldn't and still can't believe how many tuned in, streamed, and called in.
Backing up here, I just witnessed a younger programer at KAFM playing her whole show off YouTube. Of Course, this bothered me, Damn PREJUDGING, and I even went as far as to relive that observation with another wonderfully attractive volunteer. Dead air bothers me, how weird to just play videos as a whole show, and your missing the point by NOT playing new music off the NEW Rack.
So Last Tuesday, I ate my words, stood tall, and played an amazing YouTube show. I opened 4 tabs on the old Mac. Three for youtube videos, and one for weather stations. No Dead Air and the phones lit up. 3 hours of remixed BoB Marley, Phil Collins, Neil Young, Soft Cell, Snoop Dog, Boston, The Clash, and EVEN GREASE the movie. And I would be more than happy to create you a CD from that show. My only compliant is the fact that the remix videos have PORN on them. Every damn song has a photo of some woman basically nude while the song plays out.

Training: Been busting out the Perfect Push Ups throughout the day. Few here and there and then some stronger sets of 15's. Holding a plank stronger and less fading out and shaking. Maybe by the end of this week I will count and see if I could possibly hit 100 by controlling 5 sets of 20. Should be able too. Last week, where did that week go, never made to to the gym because of my clean up week. Shadow Boy and I have been going all day and we skipped it to an every other day for an outing. He was OK by this because he missed out on a proper nap because of all the activity. Like, when I was loading the truck for a green waste run, he had his frozen soup bone to work over.
This week will only be a 3 day week in the gym  because of all the family coming into town. Chest/Back/Bi/Shoulders/Tri and time is simply becoming valuable. Prioritizing Only Makes You Stronger, Right?!?!?!
Just Thinking About SCI Today…. Everyday 

MAD Racing: Last Saturday and Sunday was the 18 Road Rumble that was rain/show out in April. We scored a permit from the BLM at the same time as April's permit as a back up. So That Was Wise. Saturdays was timed short track ( Official Race ) and Trail Run of 3.2, 8.1, and 11.7 miles. The weather was perfect and the single track was just bring up dust. Sunday was the timed Held under USAC Permit #2015-218  XC Mt Bike Race that drew over 200 signed up racers. The kids ( Youth 7 and under ) was by far the best race. The Single Speed and Pros made the race look effortless. They Blow Me Away. A huge hit was the " play time " area were we had Cornhole and Three Ring Toss set up near the Farmers Market. Thats the beauty of hosting an event in the desert, Loads Of Room 4 Big Plans.
Another sweet site, pun intended, all the tents in the camp sites area. I saw licenses plates from Idaho, Kansas, AZ, and MN. So the campers were stoke and some of the rigs were flipping amazingly set up well. One highlighting camper has a hammock under a smaller hammock so that he is under his wife while she basically resting on him but not smashing down on him. It was awesome and maybe you just have to see it for yourself. They are confirmed for the Gunny Loop Enduro in June.
My personal favorite was how many people, fans, supporters, and racers were totally satisfied with the whole weekend event. Thats Difficult To Do These Days!!! And one gal that raced the 3.2 trial run ( Sat ) and XC Mt Bike Race ( Sun ) brought a six pack of IPA for the Bike Teck Guy Josh and a 12 Pack for the Reg/Announcer/Timer tent. Thats Spiracular!!Plus, my truck was completely loaded up with food, bars, water, coconut water, and cases of fruit. The Med Tent was only used once for a XC Racer that went down BUT nothing was broken. Thats Also Awesome!!!

Madre Arrives This Week: Yes, The Madre Arrives for The Bird's Graduation from High School. Her and Patrick will be here for about a week. Hate to admit  this but that week is going to fly by. Must remember to capture photos often.

Please Stream Live On Tuesday May 5th at 9AM Mt Time Zone…. WWW dot KAFMRADIO dot ORG

Big Hugs And Go Padres

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  1. I would so take a CD of that radio show! That sounds like the best jamming mix ever!

    I need to start working on my pushups again. They make my back hurt less, but Iget lazy about doing them. That's one of my goals for May though! Pushups and yoga :)

    And glad to hear that the med tent was only used once and everyone was okay!

    And yay for madre coming! Sounds like life is good :)