Friday, May 15, 2015

Epic Time Lapse Of Weather & Wind

This video is awesome!! Wind, Spider, Cloud Formations, & Music!!

Head Wind BOTH Ways!?!?! Earth's Pressure Grandaunts are in full swing along this longitude and I always seem to ride against the wind, BOTH WAYS. And we have experienced  some wet weather and snow levels are dropping below 8,000ft. Our C-DOT claims that its a VERY wet heavy snow all weekend long. They posted some web camera shot of the San Juan Range this morning, winter wonderland down there.
40MPH!?!?!?! Do You Even Think Cars Drive Under 40mph In This Zone?? Not 1, or 2, or 3, BUT 4 cars flew by me over this 2 mile mile stretch of paved/pothole filled road. Now, I purposely road this stretch because of all the "ups" and steady incline all the way to the land fill area. so I shouldn't bitch too much. And a 3 Feet Law, forget about it….. But I did ride with a family of ducks as they launched themselves from the canal below. Totally epic making eye contact with them in flight.
Dig These Clouds!!!  A quick selfie of The Grand Mesa and Me. I do love this time of year because the weather changes every hour. I could go w/o the head wind but burning the quads and working on the full ROM is so worth it. And how about that helmet??? And I will take wind and clouds over 100F anytime. Yesterdays ave temp should be 75F, 58F for our high and rain, again, glad its not 100F into a hairdryer of blowing heat and dust.

The Commuter Bike Blue Sky??? Its Popping Out?!?!?! So my thought during this training week has been to ride for an hour plus and end up at the gym for a lift. The theory is that I am burning sugars while riding and eating up fat while weight lifting. I noticed the fatigue creeping in during my Back/Bi on Wed. I didn't weigh in last week so I am not sure if I lost/gained but my H2o intake has exploded. I have woke up twice this week in the middle of the night completely parched. Its something I have taken note of. My warm ups at the gym really loosen up my overall body quicker after a ride. My hips still take a min or two longer to limber up. And I Have Time.
Shadow Boy & I haven't been trail running much this week because of family, graduation, etc but we still hit our no excuse loop daily. After my 5 sets of 20 push ups, I stopped counting again. Also, started playing around with different plank positions. Fairly pleased with my core strength during the Russian Twist sets and might grab a 10 pound plate on Monday during the chest day.
So heading out soon for a ride, then to the gym, and the rest of the afternoon will be at the office. All Is Well…. Feeling Strong…. Cant Wait For The Lead King 25K