Friday, May 22, 2015

High Desert Weather… It's Awesome

These storms have been incredible out here in the desert!! They blow in from the south southwest and darken the sky by blocking out Ol' Mr Sun. The storm from the photos above delivered SMALL size hail and SO flooded our downtown streets. Personally, I blame the "flooding" on TV. Yes, that idiot box. Meaning?!?!?! If home owners/renters would turn that damn thing off and sweep/shop vac elm seeds, small debris, etc. then the H2o could simply flow on out towards the Mighty Colorado River. But thats someone else's job, right?!?!?! BURN…. Says Ashton Kutcher
On Tuesday, I was on the commuter bike, I could clearly see the WALL coming my way. The wind totally assisted my screaming quads to nearly stay ahead of the storm. My GoPro was in the backyard on time lapse mode and I kinda wish I had it with me because the colors, the wind, the rain just catching my backside, the sounds of tree limbs clapping into each other, and that non-noise of my drive train producing raw power in order to stay ahead of whats chasing me down. Then, the light turned RED on 12th and Rood Ave. Can You Say, Can You Picture…… I Got Douched!!!! Only 6 blocks from home and Mother Nature Soaked Me To The Bone!!! And Thats OK


I have been on a Primus Wonka Vision kick again. So I added The Wonka Ride to this new edition of time lapse videos. And speaking of music, it never amazes me by how tunes totally change my attitude. Thats seems obvious I know but it's worth noting just in case you are having a day. PLAY SOME MUSIC FOLKS. And by having a day, I totally mean, having a damn good day or a normal day or a complete sh*thouse of a day.

AND BY THE WAY…… DO You Have Any I Idea Just How Much I Love This Guy????

Saturday has a long Power hike on tap, Sunday is THE Indy 500 and a swim set, & Monday starts with a client at the office and single track in the afternoon. Let's Get After It Folks

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