Saturday, October 8, 2016

Time Lapse of a 10K on the Dreadmill

By The Numbers This Week

    Monday 3 miles
    Tuesday 5 miles
    Wednesday 3 miles
    Thursday rest
    Friday 6 miles ( time lapse )
    Saturday 3 miles

These are all treadmill miles and do not include two-a-days wight he Boy Dog or the hike Tuesday and Thursday. This next week will be interesting because I have a Sh*t Ton on my plate. But don't worry, the Boy Dog won't miss a meal


  1. Great job getting the treadmill work in ... that's not easy, always a little monotonous. Our treadmill has one of those video screens that play simulated courses, but that doesn't even help, ha - have a great week!

    1. Totally Monotonous Brother Jim, Thanx For The Positive Vibes