Monday, October 17, 2016

Step Challenge Succeeded

Remember me explaining the difference between the USA Media and the rest of the world??? Remember that little hurricane that STORMED into Florida??? That hurricane reached speeds of 127 mph and local news "informers" emphasized on the magnitude and destruction.

Here is a double wammy that is receiving almost NO coverage......

..... 175 mph Typhon is building about to obliterate Taiwan AGAIN!!! Oh, and that little disturbance on the left there, 135mph reaching landfall today. Hurricane Mathew topped out at 125mph for a reference here

The 7 day step challenge hosted by our local Crossroads Gym.
Mon   - 14,541
Tues   - 18,588
Wed   - 13,457
Thurs - 24,725
Fri     -  19,361
Sat    -  18,955
Sun   -  27,722

That's 137,349 steps in 7 days!!! Phuc Ya!! Totally Stoked

During tonights MNF and MLB games, if I can stay awake, will be editing Telluride photos, videos, and time lapses from the Horror Film Fest Weekend. Will update on Cyclocross Race #2. Will update on the Boy Dog. Will update on the gym. Will update on goals from the rest of the months 50K training.
One of the many photos coming out of T-Ride 

Thanx 4 Stopping By And Seek The Best Possible Outcome!!!

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