Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I Am Really Doing This

My last flight in an airplane was back in 2006. I flew on United and they just don't make flying fun any more. I flew GJ to Denver, Denver to SF,CA, and then Air New Zealand over to Melbourne Australia for three weeks of sports, sports, and more sports.

Melbourne was hosting the 2006 Common Wealth Games and the main reason for the trip was that the Big Boys of Formula 1 were racing during that same time frame. SCORE!!

Now, the bad news..... Flying back to the States wasn't bad at all and total first class service the whole trip. The flight from SF to Denver started out OK but the turbulence was unreal scary for me. The plane rolled and rocked and the pilot struggled for lift. I can clearly remember watching the wind tips come up, and back down, and up again, and back down. Bad enough that "they" came on the overhead speaker to apologize and consul us freaked out passengers. 

We bounced along the front range and I SH*T you not..... We landed sideways.... The lady next to me grabbed my hand when the plane turned itself and my window seat was now the front windscreen with a clear path down the runway. Everyone cheered when the reverse thrusters engaged.

The REAL bad news.... I had to board a prop plane and do it all over again.... Denver to GJ in a 22 seater. The one flight attendant told us all to buckle up and no drinks on this flight. She causally mentioned that her arrival was a "little" bumpy. Needless to say, that flight cured me of ever wanting to fly again. And I Haven't.

Until now! The Dude has inspired me to give it another shot. Well, really, its that the car rental quoted me an absurd amount for a weekly rental. Anyway, The Dude has flown to the Southern Hemisphere twice this year and has already booked his Cambodia trip for this December. So now I figure it my time to SUCK it up and fly on.

I am flying to Portland Oregon this January for a four day Ortho-Bionomy conference. Should be pretty damn cool and I am already looking forward to the adventure. Started researching farmers markets, cultural events taking place around the city, and bike rentals. I am not setting any expectations, just stoked for 2017.

Please send me encouraging thoughts, well wishes, and reinsurance..... Thank You In Advance 

The BlueMan Group, Werewolves, and JAWS are featured as the soundtrack in this time lapse.



  1. Oh my gosh Padre, I'm already freaked out by flying, I don't think I would be so brave ­čśÇ but deep down I know you will be absolutely fine and have a brilliant time when you go to Portland.