Tuesday, November 22, 2016

11/22 Another Bitchin Day

Nothing like waking up with The Boy Dog and to that wonderful smell of wet asphalt. Stretching and morning calisthenics have helped me out in more ways then I intended. My goal was simply opening my hips prior to Dreadmill training but I have gained so much than that. I went in very narrow minded physically and now reaping the benefits psychologically.

These past few months have allowed me to focus on goals and set clear intentions for my day and/or week ahead. When I started, my cloudy mind was all about how I screwed up this or didn't follow through with that or what ever old engram continued to play its self out. So cool to experience morning stretching and reflecting on previous events now.

Now, I have noticed that I have a longer attention span/focus while stretching or banging out a few ( 25 count ) sets of push ups. And speaking about that.....

Week of Nov 12th-18th
Push ups - 625
Squats  - 525
Crunches - 600

So clearly the Three Grand Challenge in a month was crushed. This challenge ends Dec 5th and I will be interested in what numbers come up then.

Things I Have Noticed:
My hams and gluteal muscle groups are often tight after Day 5
I can almost say that 25 push up sets are becoming easier
Taking one day off is key for me
Foam rolling has opened my hips, doesn't hurt as much, and breathing makes the difference for sure
Able to drop my butt a little low throughout the whole set
I can really burn my core by contracting my abs and then flexing up during crunches
My legs were a bit slow out of the gate during Spin Class

Early morning walk with the Boy Dog was awesome. The cold air was moving in from the west and damn near froze my face off. The walk back was tolerable. The commuter bike towards the office was brutal but the ride back was incredible. My legs felt so much stronger and pliable.

Tomorrow brings together family circles, added confusion, and I shall be quite an interesting atmosphere. Oh Those Holidays

Overall..... Pretty Sweet Day.... No Injuries.... The Boy Dog Ate Twice.... Pleased With This Time Lapse.... Its Only 40 Seconds Long.... Thank For Watching

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