Monday, November 28, 2016

2016/11/28 Monday & Reflecting

Accommodating new views, understanding dynamics, and adapting to the situation at hand.

Thanksgiving has always had the same traditions ever since I moved out here to Grand Junction Colorado. The Morning would start with pulling the turkey/goose/and/or/duck from the 5 gallon bucket of brine.

A quick rinse off and onto the second rack of the smoker it would find itself. A very simple breakfast of eegs or potato added burrito or quiche would be snacked on and out the door as a family we would go. I can almost smell the apple wood chips right now.

The Dude and his family would always host and while the meal was smoking we would hike, walk with the dogs, or play a round of disc golf as a family. ( SIDE NOTE HERE: It Just Started Snowing & The Boy Dog & I Are Stoked!! ) We always had the best damn weather on Thanksgiving now that I think about it.

Thanksgiving was always so cool because unlike X-Mas gathers, we didn't have any expectations. Everyone that showed up would bring something special to add and the games ( cards, board, dominos ) would go on into the weeeeeeeeee hours of the night.

In Summery, The past 15 years have always brought on EXCELLENT food. Those dinners delivered something organic and complemented with fresh herbs from the garden. I mean, meals made with real love. FANTASTIC brew!! We always had a special brew for sipping on through the day and throughout dinner time. I so looked forward to the relaxing day of stories, games, and whatever football game was to be watched.

So moving forward ..... This past Thanksgiving would be something totally different.

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  1. Your traditional Thanksgiving sounds pretty good Padre, why the change and how was it?