Sunday, November 6, 2016

4:31 Min Miles!?!?!???

Oh That Boy Dog.... Always ready for the next adventure.... Doesn't matter what time it is... He is READY!!!

This is how we start EVERY morning 
This week was filled with some of the most magical morning walks. Our valley floor has become full of Fall colors and this time of year is a reminder of how many different types of trees live here. I thoroughly enjoy the sounds of leaves crunching under my shoes, noticing the deep fire red between all of the golden yellows masking the dwellings, and the Boy Dog can't wait to mark the next pile of fallen leaves.

Shadow Boys demeanor totally cracks me up while he anticipates my movements in the morning. I start with the foam roller and slowly transitions into calisthenics and he paces, licks his empty bowl, and stares with his ears.

Halloween Robot Night

The Dreadmill hours added up this past week and I feel way more confident about my running pace. Monday was a chest day, after 5.81 miles. Tuesday was an off day because I was in the office for a majority of the day. The Boy Dog and I still accomplished a double.

Wednesday was arms only. I was in the locker room when Old Man Ken told me about a movie to be shown during spin class. IT WAS AWESOME!! The instructor played a mountain bike video from a drone perspective while we all rode along for 50min. I then made my way over to the Dreadmill for 5.03 miles. Thursday offered a shoulder day but only 3.35 miles of Dreadmill time.

Friday was another chest day and rested the legs. Still rocked a double with the Boy Dog but no Dreadmill miles. Saturday was a solid back day and a very easy paced 4.71 Dreadmill miles.

Ashtonn performing demos during 1st Friday Art Hop

Terry pulling one of his pieces out of the kiln

So I watched the NY Marathon this morning and I couldn't believe my eyes. These pro runners were "easily" clicking off 4:38, 4:31, 4:41, 4:58 minute miles during mile markers 10-14. I know I couldn't pull off a sub 5min mile and going under 6min could be a 4 lap feat and then death. This to me is another amazing example of endurance, strength, and nutrition.

Can you see that crack?? 

Then, I came across The Running Man blog!!!! He took on a challenge and smashed it by 1,000+ and is now flirting with some other challenges. So TODAY, Nov 6th, I will give the Triple Grand a shot.

1,000 Air Squats, 1,000 Push Ups, & 1,000 Crunches. Wish me luck on Turkey Day!!! The Running Man posted his numbers on a spread sheet and that made it look a little more achievable then I first thought. His first couple of days were 4 sets of 25, took a shoulder rest day, went 100+ a day from there on out. I totally dig this and wish The Running Man all the best during his next challenge!!!

Nathan fire dancing
01 Focused foam rolling and stretching
02 Complete the Triple Grand by Dec 5th
03 Spin Wed & Dreadmill again
04 Leaves & Hazard Waste at the OM House
05 Hosting the Tropical Aire Radio Show Friday at 6:30pm
06 Two new clients this month
07 Blog update in regards to "new" nutrition/food combinations while training
08 Last But Not Least.... Love On That Boy Dog

Stay Strong & Seek The Best Possible Outcome..... You Got This 

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